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Pshychic Power Nanaki, Fruits Basket, Afterschool Nightmare, From Up above

Well I am back again and this time I will write up a few manga just so the pile quits falling off my desk :)

I just realized what an idiot I am.  I found out today that my phone answering machine doesn't work like it used to.  I  don't get a lot of message's at home since I don't give that number out (even though it is listed).  So I haven't thought anything of it not having messages.   Until two people told me yesterday they had left me a message at home.  So I checked the machine and nothing.  I called it and left a message, checked and nothing.  It then dawned on me that I had changed my phone to one of those Freedom bundles and with it had voicemail.  Now I thought you had to set it up if you wanted to use it, at the time I didn't so I didn't do anything with it.  Out of curiousity I called verizon and yes I have the phone mail option.  I would have to set it up, but in the meantime people could of been leaving me messages.  So I set it up and I had 56 messages waiting for me.  Luckily nothing was important except the one that told me the interview was cancelled for yesterday.  I feel like such an airhead. 

So unto the manga.  If you are LOMG teen reads then some of these you have scene since I did a review on the ones's I love.   Yes I am a volume or two behind in most of my series I just don't seem to have enough time to read all of the volumes of manga, young adult books and romance books I have.

Manga Psychic Power Nanaki, Fruits Basket, Afterschool Nightmare

Psychic Power Nanaki  volume 2 - This series is the same author of Satisfaction Guranteed.  I am enjoying this series.  It is about a group of investigators belonging to the groiup Lock Agents.   Everyone has some kind of abilities.  In this volume you meet two new girls which are part of the agency and they don't like Nanaki being partners with AO.  You learn a little more of Ao first partner in this.  There is also another chapter in this that has a girl that has dreams that comes true and she is trying to prevent one of her dreams from happening.   Nanaki makes me laugh in this with some of the things he does and they way he acts.

Fruits Basket volume 19 -  Still one of my favorite series.   This may contain spoilers so do not read it if you do not want to know what happens in volume 19.   I love the part where Toru is outside doing the laundry and Kyo comes over and gives her a hug.  The hug made me happy but the part of the book was so sad since Toru was talking about her father.  Momji looks so much older in this volume.  This volume also has Yuki making some headway in his life with Machi's.  It cracked me up with Ayame wanting to dress Machi's up. I recommend this series for everyone that wants a really good story it makes you laugh, cry, be mad, happy.  So many different emotions (I think I write this all of the time for this story).

After School Nightmare Volume 7 -  So many things happened in this volume.  Yes this is one of my favorite's. This may contain spoilers so do not read if you haven't read volume 7.  Mashiro is finally starting to accept he maybe a female after all.  He actually tries on a girl's uniform to see how he looks.  Kureha has made a decision that she has to try and work through her problems alone.  Sou is about to give up on Mashiro for the way Mashiro had treated him.   And you find out more about Sou and his sister and his younger years.  I can't wait to read what happens next .

Yaoi Manga - From Up Above
From Up Above - This was a cute volume.  I have no clue if there is a second volume or not.  I can't find anything about it online but it has volume 1 listed on the side and it says chapter end at the end of the volume not the End. And the author notes she is working on the next chapters.  Anyway this is a story about a high school boy named Yuuto who is suppose to be re-incarnated from an ancient priestess. Then he meets a guy who says whose name is Kazuchi who is suppose to be the thunder god.   Kazuchi tells Yuuto the only way he can be free is if Yuuto remembers him and the word he needs to say to set him free.   When the volume ended you he still hasn't freed him, plus Yuuto friend seems to also be posseed by a god.  So I have no clue how this story ends.  Hopefully the other volume will show up and be licensed for me to know what happens.

Well that is all for now.  I will post again sometime this weekend with more books and manga.
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