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Last month I forgot to do a post of the drama's I have been watching.  I will update in another week or two because I will of finished one more :)

Happy to say on Monday my daughter got to bring her Cockateil home.  I was out to dinner with Pam, Sam and Ron.  Sam will be moving down the shore in a month he sold his house and will be retiring to the shore.  So we went out to dinner one last time before he goes. So my son took her to get the birdie.  Can I say so far she is so adorably sweet, she just likes to sit on my daughter's shoulder and she likes to cuddle.  This could change but so far that is what she has been doing.  I think the name is Pepper/Peppi but it could change.  So far it has been between Zeke, Bumble, and Honey.  I think it should be sweeties since she is so sweet. But it is may daughters.

We discovered Techno is as my daughter is calling her the Blue menace.  She seems to be terrifying the new bird and the guinea pigs.  She really just wants to see them she is curious but is funny watching Pepper run away from the smaller bird, and the guinea pigs run into their little hideaways.

It has been very advernterous and lively in the recroom these past few days! :)

By the way so excited BTS won Top/Duo Group and Top Social artist on the BBMA 2019.  They are still playing the song on the radio.  Not ever day like they did the first week it came out, but I have listen to it a lot on the radio.  I was able to buy the album last week.  Also am so excited they are doing stadium tours last week the Rose Bowl in LA, this weekend Soldier Field in Chicago then on Wedneday they are doing GMA summer concert, then another stadium in New York, then Wembley stadium in London!

Well that is all for now.  I will update again in a few weeks with Drama's since I go back and compare where I am!
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