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I forgot to post about the newest memebers to our family.  I also have an update on Kdrama/kpop but I will do the Kdrama in a different post.

My Daughter did go and get her allergy test to see what she was allergic to.   She really wants a cat.  She has been getting allergy shots for cat/dogs for a couple of years now.   But she is still allergic to cats/dogs/dust/peanuts but most of her other allergies are now gone (trees etc) thank goodness. So on Thursdsay I think it was March 28th my son went and got a Parkeet(budgie) and he named it Techno and he is a blue collar.  Techno is also very young and clutzy!  Then on Saturday March 30th my daughter got her first guinea pig and we are naming her Moonbay.  On Sunday Moonbay was sneezing so we ended up calling the vet on Monday and I took her in and he checked her out everything was okay.   She also got a call within that week that the Cockateils were in and if she wanted to come and see them.  So she went and decided to get a cockateil.   She can not bring it home yet since it is still a baby but she should be able to bring it home in another few weeks.  Haven't come up wiah a name yet she was leaning towards bumble but after this past weekend I think that may change. 

On Saturday she got another guinea pig because they say guinea pigs need to be with a companion.  So we got another girl guinea pig.  She is now naming it Fiona (Or it could still be Cina bun :)).  Which since we now have Moonbay and maybe Fiona she is think the bird could be called Zeke (This is all reference to zoids).  Moonbay was called this because she is black and white and has a little patch of tan.  Fiona is what and tan/brown.   The birdie is yellow and black/grey.

We are to keep the guinea pigs aware from each others but there is a storm warning and Brianna is nervous so she just brought Fiona down.  This is the first time the two guinea pigs are seeing each other.

By the way Mikey our aquatic turtle is still with us and has been for years.  He gets more attention now with all of the pets!

BTS just had a come back with Perona (Boys with Love) and I am hoping they broke the youtube record, but it hasn't been confirmed.  I have listen to the song alot and it is very upbeat and enjoyable.   Halsey is also own it and I think it brings something extra in the chorus.   They were just on SNL and they will be performing on BBMA with Halsey.   I am looking forward to it.

Pentagon also just had a come back and I love their songs.  They are really good.

Twice will have a come back I think next week I really like twice.

There is so much going on in Korea with a scandal and Cnblue and Beast both have members.  Junhyung has left Beast due to what happend, and it seems like the fans want Jonghyun to leave CNBLUE.  I will have to see how this all plays out.

I will be back in a minute with an update on Kdrama's, and I am sure I will update again about our zoo!
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