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I said I would be back to post about the korean drama and I also watched a Chinese Drama and I am in the middle of another one.

Arang and the Magistrate – Completed really enjoyed this drama. Some parts made me sad, other parts had me smiling and laughing. It was a really good drama and would recommend it to anyone. The only thing I had a little issue with was the last episode, I am not sure what it was maybe because I think some of the characters deserved more then what happened to them. I will not give spoilers in case others want to watch.

Witch's Love - Completed this was a cute drama. Again the ending was a little strange wasn't sure why the witches had to leave, but everything worked out at the end.

Accidentally In Love - (Chinese Drama) - Completed loved this drama it went so fast, I thought it was really cute and fun to watch. It is about a heiress that lost her Mother and her Father disappeared she runs away from her grandfather to go to the college where her parents meet, to find out more about them, and to try and find her father. She disguises herself so her grandfather can not find her. She meets an guy in the street who is an Idol. She ends up sitting next to him in college. At first these two bicker and it is so fun to watch them bicker and then become friends.

My Healing Love Episode 5 – 24 I now know what the drama is about. The one family lost their daughter when she was little, and they have been trying to find her. The grandmother and father, the wife had died and he remarried. So the story is about the grandmother, father, wife and her song and daughter and granddaughter. The other main character the woman is married and in his family there is the overbearing mother played the actress that is the worst mother of all times (secret garden mom!) and husband who tries not to let the wife step all over him. Her oldest son that is married to the main lead female, and another son who is a lawyer. The Main lead female was adopted when she was little and has a mother, sister and brother. The two families are living next to each other the Lawyer son was trying to date the other families one daughter but his ex-girlfriend showed up pregnant so the girl didn't want anything to do with him, and he is still trying to get with her.

Love Alert (Flutter Warning) Episodes 1 - 7 I am really enjoying this drama. It stars actress Yoo Eun-Hye and actor Chun Jung Myung. She is an actress and he is dermatologist they end up making a contract to pretend they are in love. They have to go on dates and try to make it seem like they are in love.

Feel Good To Die - Episodes 1 -8 Enjoying this drama starring actor Kang Ji-Hwan as the boss and Baek Jin-Hee as the worker. This drama is like the movie groundhog day where the first day keeps repeating itself for Baek Jin Hee. Kang Ji Hwan keeps dying and she tries to rescue him. Then they will get past the day with her doing something really out of character and then the loop starts over again with him dying and her figuring out how to rescue him. I laughed out loud the first episodes especially with the ways they were coming up with him dying. Gong Myung also stars in this as the 2nd male lead and I am enjoying his character.

A Love So Beautiful - Chinese Drama - Episodes 1 - 4 This is a cute drama so far, I have been enjoying it. This is a story about a girl and boy who live in the same apartment building since they were kids. She is now a teenager and realized she has feelings for him. She keeps trying to do things for him and let him know she likes him. They look cute together he is really tall and she is short. I also like the friends around them.

Room Number 9 still only watched one episode and The Smile has Left your eyes I watched 2 episodes. Eventually I will try and pick these two back up. Hide and Seek is still on hold. There are so many other new drama's starting that I want to see so I will most likely give them a try and then figure out which one's I want to continue with and which one's to drop.

I have been mainly watching something that will make me smile or laugh to much going on around me that I need to watch the lighter drama's.
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