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It's Halloween and we only got 18 trick or treaters, last year it was 23. I really have to cut down on how much candy I buy and put in the bags, it is way to expensive.

Got an update about my car they fixed it and the said it was the cylonide (not sure how to spell that), within the transmission, they said it won't cost me anything. Since it was Halloween I will go and pick up the car tomorrow and hope that nothing else goes wrong. I got the mail and my first payment is due the first week of December.

My daughter just had a panic attack she has had one in a few weeks, it has something to do with the storms that are coming on Friday.  I keep hoping she gets better so she doesn't live in fear of thunderstorms.   Especially since it is a few days away and the weather could still change.

Below is an update on the drama's I have been watching.

Lovely Horribly – Completed I really enjoyed this drama, you really were not sure how the story was going things kept changing, and the ghosts kept throughing me off more. Philip (Park Si-Hoo) and Eul Soon (Song Ji-hyo) did a good job at keeping it light and fun to watch. The only sad part was the end I wished Lee Gikwang character would have had a happier ending. Not that it was bad I just felt sad for him. they lives have crossed ever since they were kids.

Devlish Joy Completed and enjoyed this drama. Even though at times I felt sad for Choi Jin Hyuk character, his character did handling his issues with memory loss pretty good. Song Ha Yoon is so pretty and I was happy for her at the end of the drama. The last episode was cute, and tied up all of the loose ends nicely.

100 Day My Prince Completed and enjoyed. I think Do Kyung Soo did a really good job being the Crowin Prince and keeping up his nobel character even when he lost his memories and was a towns person. Towards the end I felt so bad for Nam Ji Hyun character and her brother. During the last few episodes I wanted someone to kill the Vice Premier character. The actor Cho Seong-Ha played his character so well. When the actor makes you feel emotions like he did you know they are doing their job.

Since it is Halloween this past weekend I started two drama's for the occasion (:
Arang and the Magistrate – Episode 1-7 Enjoying this drama so much, and each episode goes so fast. I have to watch it earlier in the days because of the ghosts, otherwise I won't be able to sleep. This is about a ghost they call Arang that had died but she lost her memories, and a nobelman that can see ghosts and is looking for his mother. Arang tricks the towns people into make him the Magistrate so he can help her gain back her memory and figure out how and why she died, he is helping her because he believes she can help him find his mother.

Witch's Love Episode 1-4 So far I have been enjoying this drama. This drama is about 3 withces that run a Soup restaurant. Two of them are older witches and then a young witch, and there is a guy that was at their house when he was a kid that is trying to remember what happened that night he was there. He doesn't know they are witches, him and the young witch keep bickering.

My Healing Love Episode 1 – 4 I have started another long weekend drama, I am still learing what the drama is about, I started it because I liked the actress from Five Children, and the actor that was the brother-in-law in Mask is in this and I didn't like him in Mask but I am enjoying his character in this so far.

Room Number 9 and The Smile has Left your eyes I have watched one episode of each. I will pick it back up after my Halloween drama's. Hide and Seek is still on hold.

There are so many new one's going to start soon, I am getting confused with what to watch next!

That is all for now just wanted to get an update in before October finished :)
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