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I missed my goal of posting at least once a month.  I missed August sigh but I am doing better then the last few years with posting :) Sorry this is going to be a long post!

In August we moved my niece into her dorm at college, and now she is at college.  I do miss my niece alot since she was with us almost every Saturday playing games with us.   She was home the first 3 weekends of September for birthdays but now I haven't seen her in two weeks :(.  My other niece it has been really nice she used to dance all of the time but this year she quit.  Because she was always dancing she was never around, and if she was around she was tired, exhausted and not happy, it so nice to see her around again she is smiling and laughing which has me smiling and laughing.

The last week of August my car broke down,  it took my mechinc almost two weeks to look at it, and he said it is cracked head gasket.  He doesn't recommend me gettting it fixed since it may need another engine since he wasn't sure what all else broke, and that engine was only 2 an 1/2 years old (This makes me so sad).  So the past few weeks I have been online trying to find a used SUV.  I narrowed it down and went and saw two yesterday which made me even more depressed.  The one was nice but the seats hurt, and the other the headset they had changed on the Chevy and GMC in 2012 and they hurt UGG!.  So now I have to start my search all over again for different kind of SUV.  I like the GMC and Chevy but I think I will have to get something else.

September was my daughters birthday she was have a melt down before it, but on her actual birthday it ended up being very nice, and she had fun.  Even though my sister was sick and couldn't make it.

Also last week my Dad had surgery to get a hernia removed.  He had the surgery on Friday and normally my Dad bounces back faster but I guess because he is now 88 it took him alittle longer to bounce back.  The doctors said he would have two days of being really sore which actually ended up being 4 days.

One of my Son's best friends father past away on Friday in a car accident it was a head on collison.  I feel so bad for my son's friend.  He has had enough on his mind with his mom being sick, and the crazy people that are taking advantage of him.  Now it seems with his Dad's passing his step-mom is giving him a hard time.  I think he has been through enough and I hope he can make it through this and things start going better for him.

Tomorrow is my boss's last day he is going to retire.  One of the other guys in our department is now our supervisor.  I had wanted him to get the position instead of my partner so this made me happy.  I don't mind it but it seems is only coming to me to find out everything we do, and to discuss things with me.  I keep telling him he needs to include the other operator so they know what is going on.  On Friday he admitted that I am his go to person.   It is nice that he trusts me but at the same time I think she should also be giving her input.  Especially since no matter what I suggest she doesn't like it.  We both should be asked at the same time and then discuss it. But since he is young I think he will be learning as he goes, that he will need to do that in the future.

By the way the pool was fixed this year but towards the end of the season in August we couldn't keep it clear it kept getting green algea that we couldn't get rid of.  My sister did something over four days and it cleared up, but my the next weekend it was doing it again.   So now we are just going to close it while it is green and will have to deal with it next year.  Also the guy is coming to do the Crick sometime in the next week or two.  He has dropped off some the stones for the wall.  Once this is done my Dad should be able to rest easy because the pool will be closed, the crick will have a small wall built, and the tree that was bothering him earlier was taken down.  Maybe he could relax for a few months instead of worrying about anything.

Korean/Japanese Dramas

Handsome Guy Manual (The Undateables) - Completed I like this drama.  I think the beginning started good and I was laughing, it slowed down in the middle and I enjoyed the ending.

Miss Hammurabi -  Completed I like this drama.  It was very nice drama I liked how they covered all of the different stories.  The last episode I actually had tears in my eyes.  I didn't understand why the one judge had to take the responsibility of what happened.  I was happy that the one judge finally got what he had coming to him.

What's Wrong with Sectary Kim -  Completed I enjoyed this drama. It was cute and I was smiling at Young Joon character by the end of it.  He was doing things that I didn't think his character should of been doing.  Also I liked the other couples that were created in the drama. Also liked how his family was rich and hers was poor there was no drama between the families. It was a nice drama that had me smiling just sit back and enjoy.

To Jenny – Completed this was a very short drama that I watched and it was really cute, and enjoyable. I liked the song they sing at the end. I really like him in Prison Playbook, and she is so adorably cute. It's funny after watching this then Marry Me it then dawned on me she is playing the younger version of one of the lead characters. This is a story about about a guy that is tries to write songs, but can not sing in front of people. He had a crush on a girl in school but could never confess to her. She was popular and was scouted to be in Idol. Some years later he is working at a convenience store and she comes in. He starts giving her guitar lessons and they start becoming friends.

Shall we live together (Marry Me Now)- Completed I really liked this drama, not sure if I ever wrote what the plot was but it was about a man and a women who were together as kids and later meet and start to date again and want to get married, it is about the families and their relationship. Also the woman as signs of dementia which they cover throughout the story line. I felt like the last episodes were rushed but I really enjoyed the ending. I do miss this drama it was my weekend watch on Sat/Sun and I looked forward to watching it every week.

Still 17 (I'm 30 but 17) – LOVED this drama I thought it was so cute. Loved all of the characters and I liked how everything wrapped up in the story line. This was one of those light fluffy romance drama's. Yes it had some parts that I had tears in my eyes, but most of it I was just smiling at the characters and they way they were acting. I already miss this drama I looked forward to watching it every week.

Lovely Horribly – Episode1 – 11 I like this drama a lot I am a few episodes behind, but I can't wait to get caught up. This drama is about Philip (Park Si-Hoo) and Eul Soon (Song Ji-hyo) they lives have crossed ever since they were kids. Philip is an actor and Eul Soon is a writer for drama series. Whne they were young Philip was sick and his Mom was a Shaman, Eul Soon parents had gone to see the Shaman and they thought that she was performing a good luck ritual instead the ritual causes Eul Soon to get all of Philip's bad luck. They seem to meet every 8 years, but now in their 30's they have meet to do the drama. What I am enjoying about this drama is I really am not sure what could happen next. While Eul Soon was writing the drama what she wrote would really happen, then if she tried to change it the story then it would change the outcome of what had happen. There are ghost that surrounds Philip and Eul Soon that seem to cause some of the misfortune.

Hide and Seek – Episodes 1- 5 I am still on the fence about this drama. I have so many others I want to watch and I don't even think I like any of the characters, and how any of them act. So the question becomes why I am still watching it. I started this because I loved Lee Yu Ri in My father is strange so I wanted to see what the drama was about. It is about a family that is rich and owns a cosmetic company and their little girl is sick so they adopt another little girl and perform a ritual that she would take the misfortune of the little girl. The little girl ends up disappearing and the adopted daughter played by Lee Yu Ri grows up to work in the cosmetic company. But the Grandmother hates her and treats her horribly, the mother is crazy ever since her young daughter disappeared, the father is the only one I like. He seems nice. Then we have another young lady who seems nice a first that works for the company as a sales person that lives with her Mom and sisters, and has a boyfriend that she is going to marry. They make Lee Yu Ri marry another guy that is big in a company and his father is a slime along with the guy she marries is slimy, and it turns out the driver/chauffeur is the boyfriend of the other girl, and he isn't that nice either. So I keep wondering why I am watching it but I think while I am watching it that can these characters be this despicable and will any of them end up being good. So far Not! So I may end up putting this on the back burner and watch it here and there. Just not sure!

Devlish Joy Episode 1-7 – I'm enjoying this drama. It stars Choi Jin Hyuk as Gong Ma Sung and Song Ha Yoon as Joo Gi-Bbeum. Gong Ma Sung is the successor of Sunwoo Company and Joo Gi-Bbeum was an actress. One day they meet while she was filming and they both ended up liking each other. They are suppose to meet that night but he gets in an accident, and she got drugged that night and is accused of murdering another actor. Three years later Gong Ma Sung is suffering from memory loss(amnesia) he can not remember anything from the previous days. He writes everything down in a journal and reads it the next day to remember events. Joo Gi-Bbeum is no longer a top actress she does stupid things on the side and everyone hates her. I like both characters Gong Ma Sung and Joo Gi-Bbeum. Hoya is also in this drama as the newphew of Gong Ma Sung and he likes Joo Gi-Bbeum.

100 Day My Prince Episodes 1 -5 – This is a story is sent in the Joseon era about Lee Yool the Crown Prince Played by (Do Kyung Soo) goes missing and he can't remember who he is, and ends up marrying Hong-Sim played by (Nam Ji-Hyun) for a hundred days. This drama is cute Do is doing a good job with playing his character as a nobel who is uncomfortable with everything, and Nam Ji Hyun I always like her she gets so fed up with the way he acts. They first meet when they are children and Lee Yool says he is going to marry Yoon Yi Seo who is also really Hong Sim when Hong Sim was younger she saw her father get murdered before her eyes, and her and her brother run away so they are not killed. Her brother hides her and disappears so Hong Sim is raised by one of the people in a village. I am not sure if the person that raised her knows who is really is.

Japanese Drama –

Good Morning Call is based of the Manga created by Yue Takasuka.  This had 17 episodes this aired back in 2016 and and then a season 2 called Good Morning Call College Campus which was 10 episodes (2017).  This was on Netflix.The story is about two high school teenager Nao (a girl) and Uehara(boy) that end up sharing an apartment.  He is one of the top boys in the school that is smart, and good looking  that all of the girls like, and she isn't as smart but she is very friendly and a bit ditzy.  (She also smiles a lot).  They have to learn to share the apartment, and end up having feelings for each other.   They end up having one misunderstanding then another. Plus since they are in high school they are not allowed to be living together and have to keep it a secret from the school. While watching this the story line sometime reminded me of Itsumi No kiss, but with that being said I enjoyed this drama it makes me want to track down the manga and read it to see if the characters are the same in the manga.  While watching this I marathon-ed it, not that I didn't know what would happen next but I liked the characters especially some of the side characters.  Sometimes I didn't know how Uehara actually felt but in the second season I think he had more of a personality.

I hadn't watched a Japanese drama in long time so I was happy to stumble on this one.  There is one starting soon calleed Bungaku shojo that I may check out.  It sounds interesting.


BTS had made a come back with IDOL in August and they have been touring the US.  They are almost done.  They were also on AGT, Jimmy Fallon, and GMA. They also did a speech at the UN meeting.  I am so proud of them.

Got7 is having a come back right now and the song is really good, along with Pentagon I loved their last song Shine!.

Doojoon from Beast/Highlight and Eunkwang from BTOB are now in the service along with all of the CNBLUE members, and Lee Joon.   More and more of the groups that I watching and loved when I first started kpop is now time for them to go off to perform their military service I will miss all of them and hope they return safely.

Well sorry for the long post it has been so long and I should of updated back in August and earlier in September since I have so much going on.   Hopefully in the next few weeks I can find a car that fits my budget and it is good and last for more then 6 years!

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