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Still 17 (Thirty but Seventeen) Korean Drama

Still 17 (Thirty But Seventeen) is another Korean drama that I think deserves it's own post.

This Drama stars Yang Se Jong as (Gong Woo-Jin) and Shin Hye-Sun as (Woo Seo Ri). Also starring in this show is Ahn Hyo Seop as (Yoo Chan). This drama is about Woo Seo Ri is in a coma from an accident when she was 17 and she wakes up and she is now 30. Gong Woo Jin was on the bus before the accident when he tells her not to get off. For all these years he thinks she is dead, because he didn't know her real name. Over the years his family had brought her old home and she goes to the house and meets Gong Woo Jin and Yoo Chan. She starts to stay with them until she can find her family members or a place to live.

What I loved about this drama was all of the relationships between Seo Ri, Woo Jin, Yoo Chan, and his friends and Jennifer the house keeper. The drama covers her slowly trying to grow up because she feels like she is 17 and still thinks that way, she used to play the violin and she tries to start to play again.

Woo Jin had closed himself off from relationships and the outside world because of the accident. Since Seo Ri moves in he starts to come out of his shell and starts to care about people and smiles (which is adorable).

The whole drama is full of sweet romance that slowly builds, and yes there were a few times that I had tears in my eyes as she slowly learns about what has happened to the people while she was in the coma.

I would recommend this drama to anyone that wants to watch a sweet romantic drama with a little comedy that makes you smile :)
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