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I know I am spamming today :)

Very Proud of my niece she turned 18 this week, so my sister had her graduation/birthday party yesterday. I love her very much, she is a special person to me. She makes me laugh, she still loves to hug us, and kiss us on the check or head, or sit on our laps. She is very affectionate which is one of the things I love about her. She is also very intelligent, but goofy at the same time. I have always been proud of all of her accomplishments with gymnastics, and in Choir. She really is an amazing person. I will miss her when she goes off to college in the fall. Not sure if I have every mentioned my sister lives right next door so I see a lot of my sister and my older niece. My younger niece she was in dance and has now stopped, since she was always so busy with dance and her friends I haven't seen much of her, and these past few weeks I have gotten to see her again, she is so silly and fun to be around and missed that. Not sure if it will still see her once school starts because she will be caught up with her friends again.

My daughter is making progress, but not much after she sees the counselor she is really good for a few days, laughing and joking and is acting like her old self, but now that we are experiencing thunder storms she is anxious, scared and upset again. It is going to be a long week since they are calling for thunderstorms all week.

My son is still doing good. He likes when his sister is back to her old self. I don't think he knows handle when she is upset. He does try but I think he gets frustrated because it doesn't always work.

Dad is still worried about the crick. I tried to call someone last week but they never called me back. I will try again next week. Plus now it seems like the filter/pump is not working on the pool. I don't know how my father did it all those years keeping it up. Me and my sister are trying to keep the pool clean but it keeps getting algae in it, and really dirty. When we test it, it always comes up no chemicals even though we have 5 chlorine tablets and have put ph balance in it.

Koren Dramas

Suspicious Housekeeper Completed – Loved this drama, up until the very end you still were not sure were the drama was heading. Bok-Nyeo character I felt so bad for her and all she had gone through, and the Sang Chul and his family had a lot they were going through. I think they Bok-Nyeo and Sang Chul family needed each other. The kids did a good job in this story and you got to see how they went through different stages for all that had happened.

Greasy Melo (Wok of Love) Completed - Even up to the end this drama had me laughing and smiling and enjoying. I was sad they cut it down by two episodes because of it being not on for different reasons. I would of liked to see Boss finally being in a relationship. Sae Woo character at first I wasn't sure about her character but she was very determined and did what she wanted, and I think Poong character grew as the drama went on. I will say I liked them working at the smaller restaurant, I didn't like the big restaurant. I feel the chef does more in the smaller restaurant.

Come and Hug Completed - Yes I did a seperate post but since I loved this drama I am still including it here. ♥Loved this drama♥! I was hooked from episode one it was so good. There were ups and downs, parts that had me crying and other parts smiling. All of the actors and actress did an amazing job. The actress Jin Ki Joo was adorable her character was vulnerable but also strong willed. Chang Ki Yong did an amazing job were you were not sure if he was really losing it about to go over the edge, and then the next he was sad and seemed so innocent you just wanted to protect him. Jun Ho played an excellent Psycho in this. I can see why the story was called Come and Hug me at the end because that is what these characters really needed. To me this was one of those good drama's that people may miss out on. Anyone that likes suspense and romance I would recommend people to just watch episode 1 and 2 since it is a half hour just to see if you would like it.

Shall We Live together or (Marry me Now?) - Episode 26 – 35 Still enjoying this drama.

Handsome Guy Manual (The Undateables) 10-20 I like this drama yes some of it is silly but this is one of those drama's you dont have to think about just sit back and watch and enjoy.

Miss Hammurabi 5-11 I like this drama it is more slow paced but the cases these judges have are everyday cases. There really isn't any big story that it covers just is covering cases that show up in court day to day. Each episode seems to have one case that they have to come up with a verdict for.

What's Wrong with Sectary Kim 2-8 I like this drama, it's cute. Young Joon character is arrogant to most people, but he does have a softer side when it comes to Secretary Kim. It's fun to watch him try to be more normal around her. I also like that they have a background story of when they were kids, and what had happened to them.

Bts is going to be putting out another album the end of August. Love Yourself Answer. It seems to be a deluxe album with 7 new songs and the other songs from the first two albums. I did get to buy Love Yourself Tear and I love Magic Shop is one of my favorites, Love Maze, So What, Anpanman, and The Truth Untold. See what I mean I like all of the other songs as well.

Only because we saw it on her calendar, my partner at work seems to applied for my boss's position. I am not sure if she will get it, but if she does I think it maybe the first time in my life that I go to HR department. Just to let them know what has been going on these past two to three years between us. Only because I think she will start coming up with anything to get rid of me. I could be wrong but that is how I feel. I will also update my resume. I really can't afford to be unemployed and with me getting older it will be harder to find a job. Also with everything going on in my life it's something that I just don't think I can deal with. When you start out as an operator as the newest member you may get with nights/weekend and Holiday shifts because you are the new person. Not that there is anything wrong with those shifts but I have become comfortable with not having to work nights/weekends/holidays.

As I get older I realize my body is not up to speed anymore. My left knee bothers me if I sit to long and stand up it hurts. Then I limp around for a while, going down and upstairs it also hurts. I realize my body adjusted to walking with on leg first then bring the other down the steps. Yes I take my time, then also my ankle on my left leg hurts sometimes. I couldn't get comfortable last night when I was trying to sleep. I think I may have to eventually go to the doctors to get it checked out. Even though I keep wishing it gets better on its own :(

Well that is all for now. Sorry for such a long post, but I will be back again!
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