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I posted before that the pool was fixed and we have been able to use it a few days.  Today was an ugly day, you would of thought I would of watched more drama's but I only watched 2 and 1/2.  Now my father is worried about the crick and rocks falling in and getting in the pipe.  He really doesn't have a lot to occupy his time so he sits and worries about things, that he never worried about before.  The rocks have been on side of the crick since I was a kid, they may of shifted some over the years but they have not fallen in.

My Niece Graduated the beginning of June,  I am so proud of her.  She will be going off to college in August :(.  Since the graduation was outside we were able to go and watch.  My Dad and I sat on the field since they had a special place for people that couldn't go up on the bleachers and my Dad being 87 and doesn't do steps to well this was perfect for him.   My sister, her husband, my other niece, my son and daughter all were there.   My daughter had seen the counsler earlier in the day so she was calm and able to go.   She always feels better after the counselor.   They are also trying different drugs for her not sure if they are working but she hasn't had suicidatl thoughts for a month or two, which to me is a majore step in getting better.    I am sure I will be posting more when it is closer for my niece to leave because it is going to make me so sad!

At work I wasn't sure if I mentioned it before about my partner next to me with the lights how when they went out we had them replaced but they gave her a migraine so they took the lights out and I had been sitting with two desk lamps on.  Well they finally redid our cubicles and now I have overhead bins that have lights under them, and still have one desk lamp on my desk so I can see.  It's better then what it was.  Plus now I have a taller cubicle wall between us, and one behind me, so people are not walking up behind me anymore to use the microwave and to go to the fridge.   I feel secluded in my desk now.  At first I wasn't sure if I would like it but, it is actually nice.  Only complaint is my partner has been complaing about the high wall they have put up in front of her and now she can see anyone.  She keeps saying she feels like a rat in a cage, and this will get fixed and etc etc etc.  Each day it has been different grumblings.   I just put my head phones on.  I have decided it is part her fault and part my fault for the way we are to each other now.  One of the guys I work with he says it is more like 75 percent her and 25 percent me, that her thinking isn't right, and since she kept treating me the way she did I just don't talk to her anymore, and yes I have been complaing to my boss about her.  Just because if I don't get things off my chest then it gets worse.  By the way my boss gave his notice he is going to retire in September.  Not sure if this will make things better for her, or worse for me.

Shall We Live together or (Marry me Now?) - Episode 19 – 28 Still enjoying this drama. Not giving spoilers but Choi Moon Sik character he is something else. One minute I want to strangle him, and then the next I feel a little sorry for him. I think the Actor is doing a good job when they cause you to have mixed emotions about the character.

Suspicious Housekeeper 9- 16 – Still loving this drama, we finally know about Choi Ji-Woo mysterious past, and someone she meet in the past the really affected her life. Still not sure where this drama is heading, but I do like the father more, as the drama has continued.

Greasy Melo (Wok of Love) 4-22 - This drama still has me laughing and smiling and enjoying it. I like the interaction betwee Joon-Ho, Jang Hyuk and Jung Reyo Won. I also like the side characters that are working in the kitchent with them. The gangsters are fun to watch. Since it is about a Chinese Restaurant I catch myself getting really hungry for Chinese while watching it.

Come and Hug me 1- 18 Wow! Loving this drama I am so hooked on it, and it is frustrating me that the last two weeks they only had one night of the drama. First it was for the soccer match, then something with politics. Hoping that it airs both days the rest of the time this drama is on. There is so many cliff hangers at the end of the episodes. I feel so bad for the characters. I just want to cry along with them, but I am also smiling at their interactions. All of the cast is doing an amazing job. The Reporter I really want to make her go away! I don't know how to describe this drama all I know is I have roller coaster feelings the whole time watching it, and I am on the edge of my seat wanting to know what happens next. Loving the pace, the stories and the actors.

Handsome Guy Manual (The Undateables) 1-14 This drama stars Namgun Min (Chief Kim) I really like him as an actor, Hwang Jung Eum (She Was Pretty) I think she is a really good actress but in this show it does feel like she is going overboard with the comedy. I think it is her character because I know she can play serious characters. Also Choi Tae Joon (Suspicious Partner) I liked him in Suspicious parter and I like him in this. This story is about Jung Eum working at a dating agency and through some issues with one of the clients she has been assigned the Undateables. Namgun is someone that writes a column about love (Only no one knows it is him but Jung Eum finds out) so she is having Namgun help her try to get dates for the undateables. Choi Tae Joon and Jung Eum have been friends since childhood. I can understand why this is getting low ratings. The first few episodes I liked them and had me laughing but seeing the previous of the next episode I am thinking why are they having the characters do that, it makes no sense. I will have to watch it to see but this is one of those drama's I think I can push aside and take my time watching. (Unlike Come and Hug Me where I have to find out what is happening!)

Miss Hammurabi 1-6 This drama stars Go Ara (Black), Kim Myung Soo (L) (Ruler: Master of the Mask) and Sung Dong II (Live) , Go Ara is a rookie judge that works with Kim Myung Soo, and their senior judge is Sung Dong II. At first I wasn't sure if I was going to like this. It is centered around the courthouse and different cases. Go Ara is a hot head and goes full on with whatever she is doing. As I continued to watch it I have enjoyed it more and more as I get to know the characters they are playing more. Enjoying seeing Go Ara and Sung Dong II in another drama together.  He was her father in Reply 1994.

What's Wrong with Sectary Kim 1-4 This drama is starring Park Seon Joon (Fight My Way) and Park Min Young (Queen for Seven Days) who I love both the actor and actress. I have only watched two episodes so far and have enjoyed both of them. Park Seo Joon is Park Min Young boss and he is ver arrogant and in love with himself. Park Min Young has been working for him for 9 years, but has decided to quit and he can not figure out why, even though she tells him why. It is fun to watch him stumbling through trying to figure out why she wants to quit, and him trying to figure out how to get her to stay. Lee Tae Hwan (My Golden Life) is also in this he just showed up in episodes 3 and 4.  What I found funny was the actress playing his mother in this is also the actress that played his mother in Father I'll take care of you :).

Yes I am watching way to many drama's at the moment. So I have already fallen behind on some of them. The one's I am watching and staying on top of is Marry Me Now, Wok of Love and Come and Hug me♥

BTS still listen to Fake Love, DNA and Spring Day almost everyday.   Shinee is having a comeback and love their new song. BTOB is having a comeback I haven't heard the song yet, but I will listen to it soon.  I have loved all of their songs so I am pretty sure I will like it. A.C.E is a new group that I have enjoyed the songs they have put on since debut.  I am sure there is more that I am forgetting about :)

Well that is all the updates for now.  Thought I should do one since it has been about a month.  Not sure if I will keep updating as the drama's go along or if I will just update as I finish one.  I think that was my goal do an update when I finish one.  But I haven't finished any in a month since most of them are drama's current running :)
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