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This is just a rambling post. This morning around 7:30 I was sleeping and woke up to hearing it downpouring with rain.  I went back to sleep not thinking of anything.  Thne at 8:30 it woke me up again only this time I couldn't fall back to sleep it was so loud.  Came downstairs to see Dad looking out the window and being upset about the downpour.  Looked outside and the crick had overflown through the back yard, and all around the shed.   The Shed was a mess.  I took some pictures.  Then once the rain stopped I was heading down to look at the shed when I noticed the laundry room, and the small bathroom all had water.  So I went into the crawl space to get the shop vac and noticed that most of the crawl space also had water.

Dad was cleaning out the shed (I helped move some things), and then my son just got home from work went down and helped Dad while I did the laundry room and the bathroom.  Then I crawled into the crawl space, and yes you have to crawl around.  My knees where hurting since I was in shorts.  Found the knee pads and tried to get to work.  Finally after an hour and changing the water I had a thought get the small foot stool and take in to sit on.  Yes that helped some but my knees were already in pain.   Since I have all my books down there in bins, I had to move some of the bins.  I only got the one side done and now I quit for the night.  I know my knees will be aching tomorrow but I will go back in tomorrow (unless I decide after a while to try again), and try to get more of the standin water out.   I have a fan going now, and the de-humifier, I am hoping they both dry up the one end, and some of the water disappears from the other end but I doubt it.  I threw all of the rugs outside.  I is going to rain again but at this point I don't care. If is sunny next week I will lay them out and let them dry out :(. My daughter couldn't help she has been sick these past few days, and the smell from the crawl space would put her into an Asthma attack.

Pool and tree update
The guy came and took the tree down.  Dad still did not get his refund from the other guy he cancelled, and Dave the pool guy came out and fixed the pool and put the new liner in.  We still need to put a little more water in, and the hoses on the pump but with all of the water issue that went by the way side.  I am just so happy the pool is fixed.  Me and Jeanne were wading around in our shorts and got them all wet but at least we were in the pool on Sat :)

Just a quick update BTS did win Top Social Artist on Billboard for the 2nd year in a row, and they were able to perform.  They were on Ellen and I cracked up that she scared them.   Their new MV beat their old mv records in how many views they are getting.  All this makes me happy.  What I am unhappy about is Pentagon is now done with Shine that song was so good!  Okay heading off to watch drama's.  By the way I am only 5 episodes into Come and Hug me and it is so GOOD!.

I will be back again later with an update on Drama's and kpop.
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