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Today finally felt a little like spring. The weather has been so crazy.  In February we had one or two days that were close to 80's, now when it is Spring it has been in the 30's and 40's.  The past few days it has actually felt more like spring!  Things going on around the house.My sister found someone that said they could fix our pool.  I had posted before I believe about when they replaced the liner a year or two ago we think the guy broke the strap under the pool, and the desk has been slanted since.    They are going to get a new liner and then take the liner out and cement something in the pool to brace it.   Hoping it works and that we have the pool back.  Then on Tuesday when I came home after one of these really windy days we have been having I noticed a big tree limb down, now my Dad is going to have someon come and take the tree down.  It is a huge tree.  My Dad is worried about the neighbor that they may have to go on his side to take part of the tree down.   I should take a picture of the tree before it comes down :(.   Dad is also worried that they will come and take the tree down at the same time the pool people come.  I keep telling him that won't happen.

Family, my son was sick this past week, and now my daughter has it.  This doesn't help with her depression.  Over the past few weeks she has had suicidal thoughts again.  Not that she has done anything she just is having the thoughts and then gets more depressed and sad when she has these thoughts.   They have upd her medicine again, and they are having her take the other medicine three times a week.  I really hope it works.  As a parent it is hard to watch her be so sad and not know how to help her.   On another note one of my sons friends is having a gender issue.  He has been one of my sons friends for a long time and he always wore suits or at least dress pants, shirt and tie.  He recently started dating someone and now he is wearing dresses and wants to go by a girls name.   It is already strange when I see him in anything other then a suit, but for it to be a girls clothes it just makes it stranger.

Korean dramas
Radio Romance -Completed I liked this drama it was cute, and I liked how they developed Yoon Doo Joon character. I still love Kim So Hyun she is a good actress. I am not sure how this is going to come across because I still think she is good, but I am not sure if it was the character that she was playing I can't put my finger on it. I guess it is that I am so used to her playing a younger character that I am not sure if it was correct for her or if it is because I am not used to her being grown up. Yoon Park makes me laugh. The first drama I saw him in I disliked him at first but as that drama went on he changed my view of his character and him. Even at the end of the drama I liked Yoon Doo Joon and Yoon Park's interactions.

Call Me Mother - Completed this was a really good drama. It's hard to say I liked the drama when it was dealing with child abuse, but the little girl Heo Yool that played Hye Na was so good. Towards the last few episodes I had tears in my eyes for her, because of everything she had to endure throughout the drama. Lee Bo Young is also a good actress that I enjoyed watching how her character grew. Son Seok-Koo who plays the real mother's live in boyfriend did a great job of being a creep. I think this was his first role. I was glad in one of the episodes they had captured him being goofy with the little girl in the behind the scenes. I am looking forward to seeing him in another drama.

Waikiki - Completed I really liked this drama.  It was so fun to watch.  When I was feeling down there would be something that would happen that would have me laughing.  I will really miss these crazy characters.

Picture of baby Sol just because she is so adorable :)

Queen of Mystery 2 - Completed I did enjoy this drama but it really did not feel like anything like the first season.   Plus I think even though they were slowing answering what happened to her parents, I just feel like the ending was rushed.  They were to busy with dealing with other stories and in the last few episodes to wrap the show up they hurried through it.

Shall We Live together or (Marry me Now?) - Episode 1 - 11 I am enjoying this more and more.  This is one of those long weekend drama's that I love.
It stars Yoo Dong Geun who I loved What's happened to this Family andhe was in The Most Beautiful Goodbye. Also Jang Mi Hee I haven't seen her in anything yet. It seems these two cared about each other as they were children but something happened (don't know what yet) that they broke up. He married and had four children and his wife died. She seems to have one son and her father used to be rich but somehow he went bankrupt. I am not sure if she is divorced or if she lost her husband. Lee Sang Woo plays a doctor, Han Ji Hye is one of the four children (I knew I had seen her before and she was in Sweet 16 that I watched
years ago). Kim Mi Kyung is playing Lee Sang Woo older sister and sorta of a friend to Jang Mi Hee, and Park Jun Keum is playing mother of the guy that wants to marry one of the children of Yoo Dong Geun. There are so many actors and actress in this that I have seen before and like. By the title I am thinking that somehow it will be Yoo Dong Geun and Jang Mi Hee starting to see each other as adults.

{C}{C}Chief Kim (Good Manager) Episodes 1 - 11 I am really enjoying Chief Kim,  sometimes I laugh, and once in a while I get frustrated with the way Joon-Ho treats Namgung and the rest of the group from Business Operations. 

Variety show
It's Dangerous outside the Blankets. Eps 1-3  I enjoyed the pilot show that was on this summer it only had 3 episodes.  But they have now made it in to a real show.  I have watched the first 3 episodes and it is fun.  Loco is so akward with worrying about his hair that it makes him so adorable in this.  Kang Daniel is just a ball of sunshine.   Min Seok I did not realize how clumpsy he is :)  and JuNe from Ikon was just on the last episode and he is fun to watch.  I have been watching it on Friday night and it makes me smile.

Twice is having a comeback now and there song is good,  Eric Nam is having a comeback for Honestly and I am enjoying all of the songs on his album.  Pentagon is having a come back and the song Shine is really good,  Got7 and Monstax had their comeback a few weeks ago and they were really good.  Winner is having a comeback with Everyday and I enjoyed the song.  New group The Boyz new song Giddy Up is fun, on Livejournal someone had found a new song from Uniq it was really nice I miss them!

News BTS DNA has almost reached 350 million views on Youtube.  It is close between BTS, Big Bang and Twice.  I am amazed at the army fans how fast they are watching DNA.  Also BTS has announced their comeback and it will be May 18th.  I am already getting excited.  Plus they have been nominated for Billboard social artist again :)

Wow I'm impressed I did a post each month so far this year.  No promises that this will keep up but who knows! Well that is all for now.   Going to do more laundry, empty the diswasher and watch more drama's :)
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