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Books Into the Wildewood

I know in my last posts I said I would be back to talk about books and manga but this past weekend and this week ended up being very busy.

To start with I had my Daughter's birthday party on Saturday.Had to clean and buy gifts, and wrap and decorate. Even though she was only inviting 2 friends the other's couldn't make it. Then on Sunday I was out trying to find an outfit to wear for my job interview (Yeah for JcPenney I was able to find 2 pants suits and a nice dress). Then on Monday was her actual birthday so we got dinner and had a nice meal and I spent time with her. Plus my friend from Colorado was in and he had dropped by just to say hello.

Tuesday night I know nobody cares but I had to try and sew up my pant suit for the interview and of course I can not sew. I found this stuff I had it works pretty good where you put this tape like stuff between the fabic you want seamed together and then you put a hot iron on it and now you have a hem. It worked pretty good one or two pieces I had to try again and I am not the most talented person at anything so I have a crease or two in the sleeves of the jacket and the pants. Oh well at least they where hemmed up some.

How did my interviews go well the first one was with a recrutier, being in a steady job for 18 years I didn't realize how one in I.T. goes about finding a job.  It seems there are alot of recruiting firms out there they try to place in you a job as a consultant some are for a set period of time (a few months)  other's jobs maybe temp to perm, but very few are for perm.  This makes me scared since I have had a steady job for so many years, then to go someplace where you may only work for 3 months then not have a job again and have to start looking again.  Not sure how well I will do with this.   Then I was suppose to have a job interview today (which the recruiter) had setup.  When I got the site the gentleman I was suppose to meet with wasn't there.   He had called the recruiter but I guess the recruiter forgot to tell me.  So I ran out got and outfit, shoes, tried to sew and did all of those things in the past few days when I could of taken more time and look some more, or taken the suit to someone to fix instead of my lovely sewing job :)  But at least I now have an outfit, shoes already in case another one comes up.

Wow this post has gotten long sorry.  So here goes I was going to do mulitple books but since it is so long I will just cover one.

Books Into The Wildewood by Gillian Summers  (LOVE THIS SERIES)
This is the second book in the Faire Folk Trilogy.  The first book was The Tree Shepherd's Daughter if you haven't read it I recommend reading it.  Such an enjoyable story.   In this volume Keelie is now in the Renaissance Faire in New York.   At first they are staying in the old Rv of her Dad's but along the way she ends up staying at Sir Davey's RV.  In this book her friend from California comes to visit.  I will try not to give spoilers but if I do sorry there was alot that happened in this book.  Keelie ordered some boots that she has to have and her father says he is not paying for them.  So Keelie has to get a job within the Renaissance fair to make money and pay for them.   She keeps getting assigned different jobs but for one reason or another they are not working out.  You would have to read the book to find out the different jobs she does and why they don' t work out.   Knot the cat cracks me up in this.  He is in this story even more since he is suppose to be guarding Keelie.  I know a cat guarding someone is funny especially when it is Knot.   People and trees are turning up sick in this book and they have figure out what is going on.   I highly recommend reading this series I enjoy everything about it.

Okay I am done for now.  Yes I still have a lot of books to cover Manga and books so don't be surprised if you see a post here and there the rest of this weekend.
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