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Happenings, Kdrama, Kpop , and family

Wow this year is the most I have posted since 2012.  I feel a little better now that I am also posting here so this way I have an update in case the sites go down that I write what I have been watching or lose my list again.   I will update 2017 in January of all the drama's I watched since I had already done all of the updates back in Feb.

My niece did not continue with Gymnastics this year.  It is her senior year and she is working at the gym instead.  She has another job at a restaurant were she works two days.  Plus she has a boyfriend now, she wasn't happy doing Gymnastics anymore but she loves coaching the little kids.

My other niece is still doing dance and she is going to be the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Nutcracker.  But she wants to quit dance.  We will have to see next year.

My Daughter has been seeing a different counselor and she really likes her.   She was put on medication for her depression and ocd.  The medicine is helping her have some better days.  Not everyday but she is having some days were they are better in the afternoon.  So I think this is a good step forward.

Also our family doctor has told me and my daughter that we needed to lose weight.  My Son had lost a lot of weight from walking and giving up chocolate milk.  In August we started to diet we are doing a low carb diet she told us to switch to whole wheat items which we have.  I don't know how much weight my son has lost but he is in the next size down pants, my daughter has lost over 30 lbs and I have lost 25 lbs.  We all still have a long way to go.

My Dad went to therapy for his dizziness and he is having better days.  He stopped going but he does exercises.  He is back to driving but he still doesn't go to the grocery store, I think it is to much for him.  But he has been doing more yard work and getting outside more.

BTS with their comeback for DNA they were in the news alot, and breaking records.  Next week on November 19th they are going to perform on the AMA (American Music Awards).  I am so excited.  They are also going to be on Jimmy Kimmel Live and Ellen.  Not sure if they are just performing or if they will also be interviewed but either way I am excited for them.  Just hoping everything goes well.

Lots of comeback since I last posted Highlight and Got7 both had a comeback along with BTOB which was winninig award shows, B1A4, Sechskies, Up10tion, SF9,  Winner, Nu'est W (who also won awards and I was crying along with them), and Exo.  Makes me happy I love all three groups so I would of been happy no matter who won. Now Super Junior, Twice, Astro, Seventeen, Monsta X (who I am hoping win an award soon they deserve an award and they haven't won yet), and Block B.  I know there are others that had comebacks that I am missing but these are the one's at the top of my head.

The Master Sun - Completed Loved this drama.  It was about a lady that could see ghosts, and the owner of a shopping mall.  (spoiler) These two meet and for some reason when she touches him or he touches her the ghost disappear.  So she tries to stick close to him so she can lead a normal life.  This drama had ghost, suspense, and a lot of things that made me smile and laughed.   Loved the characters and the story line.

Hospital Ship - Completed. I enjoyed this drama it was about a Ship that is known as the hospital ship it deals with a Doctor who is a surgeon that joins the ship along with 3 new doctors.   The drama covers them going from village to village helping the people on the islands, and about the doctors lives.

Girls Generation 1979 - Completed Enjoyed this drama at first it took a little bit to get used to the dialect but once I did I enjoyed everything about the storyline.  It was about them growing up in the 70's.  Loved the music in it, I was actually making lists of the music as it was on since it was music from my childhood.

Currently watching
Andante - Enjoying
While you were sleeping - Loving
Because it's my first life - Loving
Go Back Couple - Enjoying
Andante - Enjoying

Currently watching but on hold since I was watching to many drama's at once
My Goldin Life - long weekend drama
The Package
20th Century Boy and Girl
Revolution of Love

I know I complain every post about my co-worker but last week was a really bad week.  I know she thinks I am the bad person in all of this, but she nit picks me everyday, and by Friday I had enough, I went to the bathroom and was crying.  Not that she knows that.  Then I had my weekly meeting with my boss and was telling him everything.  Not that anything will ever get done, I did feel a little better after talking to him.   It was a long week last week.  I have to have postive thoughts going into work next week.  It is getting so bad that I dread going to work.  I don't like having that feeling and being miserable all day because of her.

Well the pool liner was put in but with the side still be pushed in some I don't know what will happen next year.   When the pool closed this year we were trying to get someone it look at it or fix it but the few persons my sister talked to told us don't use it anymore and we should look for a new pool.  I don't think any of us want to do that.  We will have to see what next year brings.  We didn't even cover it.  (this whole thing makes me sad)!

Well that is all.  I will come back later hopefully before the year is out, if not I will be back in the beginnging if only to update my K-drama's for the year. LOL while I was typing this I had started BTS Dna video and it has been going from one BTS video to another on youtube.  I am just sitting here smiling I am so happy for them! :)
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