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Since I did a post earlier today about Hospital Ship I figured I should make a quick update of what has been happening, kdramas and Kpop.

You may have noticed my previous pictures for some books and drama's have disappeared, not sure if I will ever try to re-create them.  Photobucket decided to change their policy and not let picture go on third party sites.  (I don't know if you pay the monthly price if you can still use it but I know the free accounts you can't).  So most of my pictures of books and kdrama's are now not showing up.   My daughter told me to try another site not sure if it will work or not.  So I will try one in this post.

My car had to inspected this monthy and it cost about 800 dollars with have to put breaks on it.  It will not pass inspection because of the stupid passenger side windshield wiper is not working correctly.  Now I am hoping that someone can fix it this week so my car passes inspection.

Also really worried about Health insurcane for my daughter.  She is dropped off next week since she is now 26.  I am trying to sign her up for medicaid/medicare but not sure if they will let her.  So I may have to check the market place, or do cobra.  Cobra is so expensive but at least I would have a piece of mind and have another month to figure it out.

Father I'll Take Care of you - Finished this drama it was okay, and I enjoyed some of the characters, and the end made me laugh.  But for the most part I didn't like the way the story turned.

Tomorrow with you up to episode 11-  I think I will eventually finish this not sure.  I haven't watched it in a while.  I have to be really awake to watch it.

Queen of Mystery Finished. I really enjoyed this drama and when it finished it felt like the story still wasn't complete.  We are missing some answers to one of the cases.  I found out there will be another Season so I am happy, and hoping it wraps up the case.

Descendants of the Sun - Episode 5. Yep I finally watched another episode.  Still not sure why I can't pick this up.  I know the main couple are about to get married in real life, so I know they have chemistry but I don't know what it is.  I will try it again at another time.

Love in Trouble (Suspicious Partner) - Completed and also loved this drama.  This was about lawerys and a serial killer.   The guy that played the serial killer did a real good job of acting crazy.

Third Rate FIght My Way - Completed and loved this drama.  It is about friends who grew up together and the girl wants to be an announcer, and the guy wants to be a mma fighter.   It shows them trying to go for their dreams, along with them being friends.  They also have another girl and guy that are dating but they are their friends.  The whole drama is centered around all of their friendships, dreams, and romance.

The Best Hit - Completed and loved, this drama was about a guy that is from the past and comes to the future.  He used to be a big idol and just disappeared in the past.   Now in modern day he ends up living with his son that he never knew about, since he hadn't even been dating the mom yet, and his past manager.  I loved the first few times when he was just learning what a cell phone was and when he was trying to make calls :)

School 2017 - Completed. I love the school series and this one did not disappoint. This one is about one of the students who is hiding as someone that does things to the school and the call him X.   He started out as doing things because he was bored, but he starts to do things to bring attention to the things that are wrong in the school.   It is centered on a guy who is the directors son, a girl who loves to draw, and they are so cute together.  I also liked the friendship in this and the teacher.

Thumping Spike 2 - Completed this was cute.  I had watched the other thumping spike and I enjoyed it so I watched this one.  It is still about volleyball but it is about a professional going to college and quitting playing volleball but he ends up being on the college team because of a girl.

It started with a Kiss and They Kiss again - completed this isn't a kdrama it is a Tdrama or Cdrama not sure which.  I enjoyed it.  This is another version of Itzuma no Kiss.   I have enjoyed all three different version.  I know there are one or two other versions that I will have to check into later.

Father is Strange -  Cmpled and absolutely loved.  I would highly recommend this drama to everyone.  I loved the characters the story line, each episode had me smiling, and some of them had me sad.  It was a really good drama.  It is about a family with 3 girls and one boy and the Father and Mother have a secret from the past.  At one point the actor in it believes he is the fathers son.  I loved all of the characters, even the in-laws who at times I wanted to hit but by the end I enjoyed them.   I liked the romance and the whole family feeling in this.

Currently watching
My Goldin Life - long weekend drama
Hospital Ship - Kang Minhyuk from CNBLUE is in this
Girls Generation 1979 - Loving the music in this, it is the music from when I was growing up. Johnhyun from CNBLUE is in this


BTS is having a comeback now with DNA loving everything about this comeback.  They are breaking their old records with album sales, and people watching mv's.  I watched them recently on Knowing Brothers and loved it.  Also had watched BTS Bon Voyage season two a few weeks ago.

JJ Project had a come back with Jinyoung (jr) and JB.  At first I was disappointed that it wasn't more of a rock song like bounce, but the song was really good!  Loved it.

Highlight and Got7 will be having a comeback I think next month.

Cnblue has a new Japanese release out that was cute and good.

Winner, Exo, Exo-CBX, SF9, Pentagon,N.Flying,Snuper, Ft Island, Yonghwa, Twice, Seventeen, Laboum, Hotshot, Nuest W, Monstax, Up10tion, Oh My Girl, NCT and Bap all  had a comeback since I last posted.   I am enjoying Day6 releases every month.  I know I am missing some of the groups.

There are some new groups debuting that I am enjoying ON/Off, Golden Child, also enjoyed VarsietyWanna One is a group that the members are made up from Project 101 which I didn't watch.  But I have been watching their videos and everything they are in and enjoying it.  Kang Daniel is fun to watch.  I watching him,Junghyun from Hightlight, and Xiumin from Exo in a show called It's dangerous beyound the blankets.  It was really good and fun to watch.  It was only a pilot but I am hoping they pick it up, and keep the same group of guys, or maybe rotate some since they are all busy and have them come back here or there.

There have been a few groups I loved that have disbanded and it makes me sad. (Sistar, Legend)  Madtown is sorta gone they were sold to another company and that one is closed so I don't know what will happen to Madtown. I know there are others that I can't think of at the moment but I will update when I do.

They are making another show called the Unit where they are getting idols to come on and they are going to pick 8 or 9 girls and boys to create groups.  So far so many of the groups that are so underrated are now signing up to be on this show.  I think they are hoping that it will bring the groups back in the spotlight like it did for Nu'est.   So far I know some of Boyfriend, and Big Star will be on it, and I know there is a lot more.  At some points I think it is good and hopefully they will get acknowledged but other times it makes me sad that they haven't gotten known and have to do this.  There are some of the newer debut idols also joining.


Watched Korean Drama One Way Trip- I felt so bad for the characters and the friendship in this, and that they were falsley accused.
Bye By Birdie - I have been wanting to re-watch this for a while
Gidget - Love Gidget and had to watch it at least once this summer.
I did finish one romacebook called Legend.  It as okay to read the story had a twist to it thatI hadn't seen coming.  But I think they spend to much time in the past and the endig felt rushed.

Well it is way past my bed time. I will update later about everything with the pool and other things.
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