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After posting earlier I went to the grocery store to get the making for Chicken Soup for everyone that is feeling under the weather and I ran into old friends.  Michelle from Amerigas who I knew from High School and worked with for many years, then Marva from MG who I worked with for many years.   After feeling nostialgic earlier today it was a major boost just to see old friends and catch up.   (Marva I see alot at the grocery maybe every two months so I do play catch up with her alot, and I also let her know about the gathering this Thursday at the Desmond.  Not that I think she will go but I told her about it anyway :)).


Since my last post I had already said about some favorites having a comeback.
CNBLUE - came back and I loved their new song Between Us .  I was sad they didn't win anything the song was realy good.
Highlight - (previously Beast) debut with Can you feel it and Plz Don't be sad Loved both the songs and I was so proud of them they won multiple awards.  So it was double edge happy that Highlight won but sad CNBLUE didn't win anything.
Winner - had come back as four members which also makes me sad.  They came back with Fool and  Really Really which I love both of the songs!! Really Really gets stuck in my head and they have won a couple times which makes me happy :)
Monstax came back with Beautiful I love the song and I am really wishing they would have a win soon.
Day6 - they are doing a monthly song and April's was I'm Serious it was also a really good song.
BIGFLO - came back with Stardom which I liked
MVP - Song Take It I enjoyed
B.I.G. - Had a come back with 1.2.3 (only 4 members promoted this time around).  I liked this song alot.  I have liked all of B.I.G songs.
Romeo - Without U was also good
Gugudan - I started following more girl groups and they came back with A Girl like me which is really catchy and I ike it.
Seven Oclock- I believe they are new and they came out with Echo which I enjoyed.
I.U - Made a come back with Through the Night, Pallete and Ending Scene all the songs are really nice and of course she is killing the charts and winning.

Imfact - came back with Tension Up,
Teen Top - Love Is enjoyed the song and the dancing still sad L.Joe left :(
Oh My Girl - came back with Coloring book. I really like Oh My girl I get sad that they haven't won anything yet.
Exid - another girl group came back with Night Rather than day that I really like!
Kard - came out with Rumor I think this is the last song they are putting out as their pre-debut song.
SF9 - I just heard their new song yesterday called Easy Love and I like the song alot.
Snuper - Are having a come back with Backhug.

Oh by the way BTS are up for a billboard award for Top Social Artist.  I am so happy they were nominated!!! They have big competition with Just Beiber but I am still proud that they were nomintaed!

I am sure there are many other comebacks that I have missed but these are the one's I remembered off the top of my head and by looking at some of the songs I have saved.


Father I'll Take Care of you - Episodes 33 - 43 I got really behind I think this weekend it will be complete.  I had binged watched 3 episodes last night.   I think I am finishing this just to see what happens.  I don't like the way some of the stories have turned in this, and were it is going at the moment.  But I want to finish it to see if I like the ending.

Tomorrow with you episode 9 - I haven't picked this back up yet.  As i said I liked it but I have to be awake to watch it or I fall asleep.  It may be just like bubblegum where I watch them and want to finish them but never will because there are other things to watch.  But they are still on my list to finish.

Father is Strange  episodes 7- 18 I am enjoying this drama.  Lee Joon makes me smile and I love when he is talking to his turtle.  I like all of the other characters to.   This is the drama I try to find the subs when I know they are coming out.  Viki I haven't watch it on since they seem to take longer to sub.  I will be searching tonight for episode 19 subbed since I want to see what happens next :)

My Secret Romance - episodes 1- 6.  This is one of those drama's you just sit back and watch and don't put to much thought into it.  I don't think everyone is enjoying it, there are moments that I like it.   I think there is only 13 episodes so I will finish it, I like enough to keep watching it.

Radiant Office Episodes 1&2 - I am kinda liking this but as you can see I have only watched two episodes I keep thinking I need to watch more to see if I like it but I just haven't had the time.

Queen of Mystery Episodes 1 - 7 I like this drama I think it is a little over the top that the cops are not solving the crimes and the housewife is but I do like the housewife and the cop fighting.

Descendants of the Sun - Episode 4. Yep I finally watched another episode.  I can't put my finger on this drama.  I know everyone raved about it I don't know if it is because I am watching it on the big tv, or on netflix but I enjoy it while I am watching it but I don't feel like I have to watch the next episode to see what happens next.  I am not going to give up on it yet, because I think it is good, I just don't need to binge watch it.

Romance full of life - Episode 1. I actually forgot I was watching this.  I have been trying to catch up on some of the other drama's I had been watching.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon - Finished this drama I loved it.  I know it was silly and over the top sometimes but it had me smiling and laughing and made me happy watching it.  I thought Bo Young was so adorable in this.  I have liked her in Werewolf boy, Oh My Ghostess and now Strong Woman DO Bong Soon so I am looking forward to seeing her in something else.   Hyunsik did really well in his character, Ji Soo I love him but I think he needs a better character next time.  I felt bad for him in this.


Last night we watched the Secret life of Pets which I thought was cute, and we watched Grease.  I haven't seen Grease in years I still love Greast it is a really good movie. About a month ago we watched Finding Dory this was a really cute movie.  I love Dory!!!


At night I have taken to sitting upstairs with my Dad for an hour or two so we watch Big Bang Theory together and sometimes Modern Family.  I don't think he likes Modern family he usually turns it off.  The other day I actually found Cheers on Netflix.  I watched the first episode, this series still holds up and makes me laugh after all of these years.

Well that is all for now.  Will try to update in a month or so :)  Hey I am doing better then the previous years!

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