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I am sitting here waiting for the snow storm that is about to come.  Not sure how much it will be but we could get as low as 6 inches to 14.  Looking at the maps we are on the border.   So I am not sure if I will have work tomorrow, opening late, or have to take a day off it is to bad and they don't close.

I am making this post mainly because I want to update about Highlight (formerly members of beast).  They have the pre-debut song come out today it is called It's Still Beautiful. I have listened to it multiple times it is so nice, but sounds so sad.  I am so happy that 5 of the members are continuing on since I loved Beast.   I still hope everything works out for Hyun-seung who stayed with cube, but I am hoping Highlight with Doo-Joon, Jun-Hyung, Yo-Seob, Gi-Kwang and Dong-Woon does really well since I love them.

BTOB is also having a comeback love their new song "Movie" andthe mv had made me smiling and bobbing along to the song

Got7 is also having a comeback and the song "Never Ever" is nice

BAP is also having a comeback and I like their new song "Wake Me Up", but I was very impressed with "Dystopia" it is more of a rock song and so good.

Day6 had a comeback with How Can I say which was really nice.

Brave Girls had a come back with Rollin which I am enjoying.

Vav the new song Dance With Me makes me want to get up and dance :)

I know Eric Nam just had a come back but haven't heard the new song yet.  Will have to find it and let you know if I like it.

CNBLUE will be making a comeback at the end of the month.   Looking forward to what they have coming out.

I maybe missing some of the other groups that had a comeback but these are the one's in the last few days :)

Some of the drama's I am watching are starting to wind down.  Tomorrow with you and My Shy Boss are almost done.  I did decide to start the drama My Father is strange and I am enjoying it.  Lee Joon makes me smile and Al the turtle.  Loving Strong Women Do Bong Soon!

I realized I have been on Livejournal for 10 years, and on May 7th 2007 was my first post.   I am thinking I need to mark the calendar and have at least an update on that day.

Thats all for now, if we get the snow and I don't have work tomorrow who knows I may post on update on what we got :)
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