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Not sure if I have ever mentioned but for years now most Saturday nights my family get take out dinner.Then after dinner my daughter, sister, and my nieces play games.  (My oldest niece is usually with us she likes to play games, but my youngest niece being a teenager has a life outside of us so she is usually busy).   We don't do it every Saturday but at least two to three saturdays we sit around and play.  Sometimes its cards, other times board games we change it up.  It is also something we do on New Years Eve.  Last night we played yahtzee and listed to old music through Pandora.  We laughed and enjoyed ourselves.  It is always fun just to have a nice night that you interact with family or friends and just sit back and enjoy.  I am starting to get very worried about my father he is going to be 87 in July.  He still keeps getting dizzy and he has slowed down.  He sleeps alot and shuffles when he walks.   I am hoping once spring comes he feels up to going outside since that is what he likes to do.  About two weeks ago there were a few really nice days and he was outside at least sitting and giving us directions on raking leaves, and doing the lawn.

Kpop -BTS had a come back in the last weeks and I love both their new songs "Not Today" and "Spring Day".  I love how they always have one upbeat song and one mellower.   I also liked Twice's new song Knock Knock.  I am enjoying girl group Dreamcatcher, and the co-ed group KARD who havent offically debut yet.  Not sure if I mentioned Beast 5 of the members left Cube and now they have created their own company and have a new name HIGHLIGHT.   They are going to be debuting I think at the end of month.  I am looking forward to it.  Sad Kevin is leaving U-Kiss,and that there have been so many other groups that I liked that are not re-newing and disbanding, or have members that are leaving.   Hoping that the rest of the year calms down for the kpop groups but I think there could be even more members leaving and disbandments before the year is out.

Last post I said when I updated the kdrama forum I am in then I would update here :)  So I am posting my latest update.

Goblin - Finished Goblin and enjoyed it and yes the two extra episodes were recaps but I liked the way they did it. Goblin is about a lonely goblin that has been alove for hundreds of years.   In the drama we have the goblin bride who is going to help him,  the Grim Reaper who at first they don't like each other but over time (well you would have to watch it to find out). I recommend this drama it was nice a different.  The only thing I can say when I watched it the music was relaxing, the characters when they were talking were calming and soft so if I was tired it actually relaxed me and I wanted to go to sleep.   But the drama was really good that I didn't want to sleep, I wanted to watch it.  So it took me a while to finish it since it started the end of 2016 and was on during the holiday's were I was always tired :) then finished in the beginning of 2017.

Father I'll Take Care of you - Episodes 26 - 28 the episode before this one seemed to be dragging and I felt they were going no where with the story but episode 28 had more things happen in it.  Still think there is another twist with the brothers, but we will have to see.  T

My Shy Boss - episode 5-9 I think the changes may of helped this drama a little.  It still has a way to go but I am enjoying it more.  It seems more upbeat and progressing.

Tomorrow with you episode 2-6 - I like this drama but it like some of the other one's it is slower pace and the actors/actress are more soft spoken so if I am just a little tired I fall asleep.  Trying to watch it earlier in the evening so I don't fall asleep.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon - Episodes 1-4 I am loving this drama so far.  The first episode I was hooked.  Yes some of the strength scenes seem over the top but they make me smile and laugh.   There is some deeper things happening in the drama which I don't mind it gives the drama some other elements other then the comedy.   I am looking forward to next weeks episodes.   Minor spoilers but Ji Soo and Hyung-Sik in different episodes they dress as a woman for different reasons anyway both of them had me smiling.  Neither of them can pull of being dressed as a woman to good ;)

I wanted to start the new drama with Lee Joon I saw somewhere the ratings were good for the first episode but I am not sure if I should start another one or just try to catch up on the one's I am currently watching. :-/ There are so many good drama's that came out last year that I still want to watch, plus old classics and now new one's are starting.  Just don't seem to have the time like I used to and it seems like I am watching to many at the moment.

Well that is all for now.  Since I seem to post maybe once a month on the forum at least then I will be posting more often here.  Years ago when I used to post on a community I was on all the time, and when I was reading books.  I think with the K-Drama's since they are on for a few months I just didn't update them when I was finished like I used to do when I finished a book.
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