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I have vactrion this week from work, on Friday my last day before vacation I was smelling something odd.  Now I had though I spelled something the day before but the refrigerator is behind me so I though maybe something had gone bad.  On Friday no one had opened the refridgerator and I could still smell something bad.   So I got in my desk drawer and pulled out my sweater which I keep there because I get cold and a dead mouse fell on the floor.  YUCK!!!.   Can I say it really smelled and me being a girl and don't like Mice I started to yell really loud.   One guy yelled over is everything alright and I yelled NO!.   Then one of the girls I worked with was meeting with her boss and came running out of the office wondering why I was yelling.  I told her about the mouse.  Now her boss came out and another guy.   The other guy asked I wanted him to get it and I said YES!! But Rohit the Supervisor actually picked it up and put it in the trash for me!! I was very thankful that he did.

My niece turned 16 in July and we were finally able to celebrate her birthday on Saturday.  My sister and I were trying to put up a screen house since it was so hot.  We must of bothered a bee's nest because they stung my niece and stung me.  Needless to say we ended up staying in the house.   By the way she passed her permit on the first try so she has been driving.  Twice now when we have gone out I have left her drive my car, so she can get the feel of a SUV.

My Dad isn't doing so well he is 86 years old and had knee surgery about two years ago, but he kept getting dizzy.  Now his knees are pretty good but him being dizzy almost he actually fell down.   On Friday I am taking him to a doctor to see if they can help.  He has gone to his regular doctor but they haven't found anything.  Hoping this one we go to on Friday can find something.

Kpop - On my last update I had mentioned how I love The Legend, now I found out recently they have been having problems with their company and are trying to get out of their contract.  This makes me so sad.  I love their music but I want them to be treated fair.  I am hoping they can be picked up by another company.

KDrama - I have been watching Five Children (five enough) this is a 54 episode weekend drama which I am loving.  I have also been watching Ms. Temper & Nam Jung Gi.  I am almost done only two more episodes then I have completed it.   I am enjoying it but it is one that I can watch at leisure.   I don't seem to be watching as many K-drama's as I used to, and I have a long list of the one's I want.

Kvarieties- I think part of the reason I haven't been watching as many K-Drama's is I have started watching Superman is Back this is a show about father and their kids.   The kids are so adorable.    Also Winner Half Moon I have been watching.  It is a 12 episodes of Winner watching kids during the day, love the interation with the guys in winner with the kids. I have one episode left and I am dread watching it I know I will cry.    We got Married I haven't watched this is a while but I have been watching it for Solar from Mamamoo and Eric Nam.   Plus with the new V-App I keep finding my groups posting things and I end up watching them.

Books - I am still reading the book I started last summer called Just One Day.   I seem to start a book while on vacation and over the summer.   I hadn't got to far last year since it was the end of the year I started it, but I am enjoying it more now that I have actually gotten a chance to read it.  My goal during my vacation is to finish the book :)

I know most of my LJ friends are gone but I like to update Live journal once in awhile just for myself, I go back and check old posts out.   Hoping I can get a newer pc in the next month or two.  I got a new one at work and I can buy my old work pc for cheap.  I plan on doing that.  My pc in my room doesn't let me do Youtube and mozilla firefox crashes, and the extra pc that I have been using I think the drive is going.   I am still trying to save money here and there for a Laptop.  (Not sure if I really want a laptop, but with my father getting older I may need to have one so I can still watch and do what I like but I can be there if he needs me and not up in my bedroom or down in the recroom.

Well that is all for now.   Hopefully I will return sooner then later and update some of the drama;s I have watch even if it is just to post the list :)
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