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Happenings Kpop,

Haven't done an update on Kpop for awhile.  Just checked and it was back in 2014 (Wow).  So many new groups to love!! Yes some of them listed below have been out for a while but I hadn't metion some of them.So adding more to the group you alrealy know I love (CNBLUE, Beast, MBLAQ, TEEN TOP, Vixx, Henry, MR.MR, Got7, B.A.P, Bts (Bangtan Boys) Block B, Infinite, Ukiss, The Legend)

I had mentioned back in a post in 2013 that I had started to check them out, and yes I have loved all of their songs and enjoy all of the members! They make me laugh :)

Big Star - Have been around for a while they were over in another country.  But I have seen them when they do comebacks, and I have loved all of their songs.  Have only seen them in one or two shows even though I know Feel Dog as been in other things.  I probably play their songs at least once a week that is how much I still like them.

B1A4 - I don't think I have added them to my list and they have been out a while.  Love their songs and them.   I first got into them from Reply 1994 series when they did an OST and Baro was in the drama.   I had to find out more of them and came to love them!

Winner - Finally debut since my last post and I love them.  It took them a long time to have a comeback stage and I still love them.  They are now doing a variety show with little kids called Halfmoon Friends and I smile throughout the whole show.  The kids are cute and winner is cute with them.

Monsta-X - I didn't watch their survival show but from the moment they debut I have enjoyed their songs.  I have watched Monstax Right now and enjoyed watching all 6 episodes.  Hoping they have more.  They are in the middle of their comeback stage right now.

Seventeen - Are adorable and I have loved all of their songs.  There are 13 of them and they are so fun to watch

Ikon - was group B that had gone against winner.  They debut last year.  I like their songs a lot and am looking forward to more of them.

Up10tion - I have enjoyed Up10tion I have liked their songs.

Astro - they debut this year and I liked their song they seemed energetic.

Royal Pirates - I just started to get into them in 2015 and I really like them and their songs.  Since they formed the group in the US they speak english so some of their songs are in English which I have brought and loved!

Day 6 - Debut last year and I am loving their music.  They are a band (the sad part is they have already lost one member :() But I am still liking them!  They also have two english speaking members :)

Madtown - I like them,  their last song OMGT still goes through my head.   At first I wasn't sure of them and I was in my MBLAQ meltdown when Madtown first came out, but I have enjoyed watching them and their songs.

N Flying - They are also a band and I liked their debut, hoping to see more of them.

The following boys groups I also like their songs and music  Boys Republic, Boyfriend, Uniq, My Name, Nu'est, ZE:A, The boss (DGNA), JJCC, FT Island, Halo, History, Big.  Sorry I put them like this but my list was getting huge and some of them have been around for many years and other's since my last post in 2014 :)

Can't forget the girl groups.  I was staying away from them but in 2014/2015 I started to listen to some of the girl groups and have added them as part of my favorites

Mamamoo - They are cute and the songs make me happy

Sistar - They seem to have summer jams and have enjoyed them

Twice - I liked their debut song,  Cheer up as grown on me but I like their first song better

Oh My Girl - I liked their songs so far and I think they are all cute.

FX - Loved Four Walls!!  (I think Amber has an amazing voice and have been enjoying her solo songs).

CLC and Playback I liked their Debut

I know there are more but this is the latest update.  Will add the other groups as I think of them :)

Some groups have lost members since my last post which makes me really sad.  MBLAQ Joon and Thunder their contracts were up and they did not renew.   Beast something was happening with Hyunseung and he has now left the group,  Led Apple completely disbanded.  C-Clown disbanded. Mr Mr haven't been following them as much since Ryu left and they have new members.  Day6 I already mentioned lost Jun Hyun. FX Sulli left, CLC I think only added people and Playback haven't heard anything since their debut. Also haven't heard anything about Alphabat in a long time.  I know there have been other groups that have lost memebers and disbanded that I like as I think of it later I will post it.  (Lu:kus) not sure if they completely disbanded or if they have moved agency.  I am still waiting for more of an update on them.

Some of the groups that I used to listen to a long time ago actually had updated music within the last few years.  It had been awhile Third Eye Blind, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan and I think Goo Goo dolls may have a new song coming out soon.  Which all of this makes me happy!
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