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Wow I can't believe how fast time goes by especially when you have an obsession like I do with K-Drama's, T-dramas and Kpop.   Plus back in June my Dad had knee surgery he got one knee replaced and the other knee a partial.  So he was in the hospital and rehap for two weeks, then we all had to keep an eye on him and help him the first two weeks of being home so I got behind on all my drama watching.  Still getting caught up.  So here we go with another long post.

Golden Rainbow - Finished this series it was good, some parts dragged out and I was frustrated with some of the characters.  I still think the child actors were amazing

Melody of Love - This finished I think in June or July it was really long but I was able to keep up on it because it was 1/2 hour each day.   Not sure if I liked the ending but it was cute and I enjoyed watching it.

My Love From Another Star - Here was another Drama I loved everything about it.  Was sad when it was over.  The story was so good the, actors were amazing.  Adding this to one of my favorites and yest my list has grown :)


Emergency Couple - Another series I love it was about a divorce couple that meet again when they both start as interns at a hospital in the emergency room.  The two main characters had me laughing at some of the things they did but at other times I was yelling at the screen don't treat her like that.   This one was also added to my favorites.  By the way the most adorable little baby was in this :)
Emercency Couple

Dream High 2 - Watched this because of my love for JJ Project found out JB and JR were in it plus they are in Got7 and they had just debut so I wanted to see the drama.  I liked it.  I know others didn't like it but it was one to sit back and just watch and enjoy the music.   Not sure if I liked how it ended.

Bride of the Century - Loved this drama.  It had a ghost in it that I wasn't sure if she was bad or good throughout the whole drama.  The main leads where amazing.  The actress played dual roles and she did a very good job.  One minute I love her as the one character then the next minute I was hating her for the the other character she was playing.  She did such a good job that you really thought they were two different actress's.

Sly and Single - This was also really good.   Another Drama about a divorced couple.  Since Emercency Couple was also on I wasn't sure if I wanted to watch  it but I did.  I am so glad I did the angle was different on the divorce couple.   It had it sad parts, but other parts that had me laughing.


Sungkyunkwan Scandal - I liked this but not sure if because it was Historical setting or the story.  It wasn't one that I wanted to watch the next episode right away.  It could be I was trying to watch when everything was going on with my Dad.  This was about a girl that dressed as a boy in the Jonseon Dynasty and attended the Sunkyunkwan school that was all boys. I liked some of the characters and loved the chemistry between  Yoo Ah-In and Song Joong-ki.  (Song Joong-ki was in werewolf boy :)) their friendship (which people call bromance) them was so good.
Still watching
Pretty Man - Have stalled on this haven't got back yet still on episode 10 with 6 more to go.

I have many others to add to the list some I am still in the midst of watching because of my Dad's leg others I just started :)

Got7 - Debut and fell in love with all of them.  Of course I mentioned Got7 before because of Jb and Jr being in it, but now I have to add the other guys to smiling and laughing over.  Mark is from the US and speaks english,  Jackson is from Hong Kong and went to an English school so he speaks english.  Bam Bam is Thai and knows some english so it makes me laugh when they are speaking Korean and all of a sudden English comes out :).  I can't forget to mention the others like Youngjae he has amazing vocals and of course the maknae Yugyeom he is adorable.  I like their debut song but I fell in love with Like Oh on their EP.   They just had another Come-back with A and it is a cute and catchy song but Forever Young goes through my head everyday. The had a series called Real Got7 that I had watched all of the espisode, then they had a another called Igot7 (which I only watch the first 5 I have to get caught up).  Next week the 2nd season of Real Got 7 Starts.  Looking forward to it.

Beast - I know I mentioned that I loved them, they just had comeback with Good Luck.  I was so happy for them had at least 10 wins on the music shows, and two of the wins they had gotten the hightest scores you could get on the show.   They were also doing a show called Showtime burning the Beast.  Watched up to episode 10.  Still waiting for the last two episodes to be subbed.  I loved this show it got me to learn more about the Beast members.

B.A.P- They are another group that I have been watching for awhile.  When I first heard about them I loved their song but the Music Video I couldn't handle.   Then they had another comeback with 1004 and loved it and fell in love with them.

Bts (Bangtan Boys) - I know I wrote about them before,  they have become my obsession I watch the BTS - Bombs on their youtube channel and it is young boys just doing what young boys do stupid things.  They were in LA back in the beginning of July learning about Hip-Hop with Coolio and Warren G.  They have  show that just started calling American Hustle that show what they went through while in LA.   It has some cringe worthy things but that is because of the culture difference and them being young.  They are going to have a come back in a few weeks.

Winner - Still hasn't debut and they have been making all sorts of teasers.  Hoping by the end of week they finally debut.  Miss those guys.

Block B - I mentioned them before about their catchy song Very Good.  Now they have a new one called H.E.R.  At first I wasn't sure about it but everything with Block B makes me enjoy them and their song.  It has grown on my where it is now going through my head.

Infinite - Not sure if I ever talked about them but they are really good.  I have brought their music and they are having a comeback right now with the Song Back.  It is really good.  Also I will talk about Woohyun and Sungyeol in the Drama's next time.  Since they are staring in one right now that I am loving :)

New rookie groups Halo and The Legend enjoyed their debut.  There are a lot of groups that debut throughout the year.  Also some groups are having comebacks that I hadn't see them before like 100% and History which I am enjoying their comeback.  I know I am missing some, and CNBLUE,MBLAQ, VIxx and Ukiss had comebacks this year that I loved :)

Yaoi Manga
Shing Moon - this was cute
That's all for now.  Yes I have other Drama's to be added, and I am sure I will figure out the Kpop I am missing.   Maybe one day I will get back to reading and have more books to be added :)  Not sure if I will update more often or wait months again.  But who know at least it has been twice this year :)
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