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Sorry haven't posted in a little while with getting ready for the holiday's and all it has been busy. Plus with my Kdrama addiction and Kpop addiction I don't have time for much reading and doing other things. So this post is mainly about my obession with Kdrama's still and Kpop LOL! This post became much longer then I thought it would be

Just You - Finished this series and loved it. It made me smile and cry and lol. I think it was really sweet.

Unemployed Romance- This was good I wish they wouldn't of had the flash back stories a long as they did but at least we got to see both sides of the characters from what happened to current.

Heirs - Finished and I enjoyed. Some of it had me laughing out loud loved Hyung-Sik. Also one of my favorite couples came out of this was Min-Hyuk and Krystal their relationship was so cute. Woo-Bin love his acting. You all know I really like Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho. There other dramas are some of my favorites. I will try not to give the ending away in case you haven't watched it but I really wished Choi Jin-Hyuk had a better ending.

Marry Him If you Dare - This had Yonghwa in it and I did enjoy it, there where parts that I loved and other parts that where just okay. Not sure if it was the story or not. Still this was an enjoyable series. Side note if you saw it how do you feel about the ending?

Secrets - Was an amazing drama from start to finish. I cried by eyes out and yelled at the pc so many raw emotions it brought out!!!

Infinite Power - This was cute, not to long actually I kinda of wished it was longer.

Twenty Year Old - Well I already told you my love for Beast so I enjoyed this with Lee Ki Kwang in it. Loved the music because it had Beast songs. This is about Lee Ki Kwang from Beast playing himself as the idol who likes a girl. The only complaint I have it was way to short. This really could of been longer. I am not saying 16 to 20 episodes but 6 to 10 would of been good.

Reply 1994 - LOVED EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS SERIES!! I was rooting for Chilbong even though I also loved Trash, Haetae and Binggeure. There was just something so lovable about Chilbong. I loved Sung Na-Jung character. Samchunpo and Jo Yoon-Jin interactions where the best. I am not saying who the husband is all I am going to say is I haven't had this much of a major withdrawal from a series in a long time. I loved the characters and the interactions they all had with each other. I know a lot of us where focused on who was going to be the husband but some of my favorite episodes where them just sitting around talking, watching television and just being good friends to each other.

Still going on
Golden Rainbow - this series has had me crying when they where kids, to laughing at some of the things they are doing as adults to yelling at the pc don't do it. I am still on this roller coaster ride of a series.

Melody of Love - In for the long haul of this series. It is cute, some of it is over the top but that is what I love about it. I don't know how it is going to be 100 episodes but we are already up to 36 and since they are only 1/2 hour it seems to be going fast. Love the actor that is in it he was in White Christmas (WHICH I LOVED!). Dasom from Sistar is also in this and she is doing a good job.

Pretty Man - Just finished but I am at episode 10. Only 6 more to go. I like it, and some of the things made me smile, but I am not sure if I like Dokgo Ma Te character. He is growing on me but it is already episode 10 should I be in love with the main male lead by now?

My Love From Another Star - still going and I love everything about this series. Hope it keeps up the great acting and story. I love the two main characters!!

Korean Movie
Okay so now you know I have a love for Chilbong and I heard Yoo Seon Seok has played the bad character in movies and other shows. I knew I wanted to watch A Werewolf Boy and knowing he was in it made me search it out. I heard it was on netflix. So I watched it today and loved it. I felt so bad for the Werewolf boy, and yes Yoo Seon Seok can play the bad character really well. Good thing I knew him has Chilbong first other wise I might not of liked him Reply 1994. So he must be a very good actor that he can play both the good guy and the bad guy.

Adding on to my loves you all know CNBLUE, Beast, MBLAQ, TEEN TOP, Vixx and Henry because I wrote about them. Now I have to add MR.MR(Can you feel me goes through my head so often I think I have that song on repeat).

Block B when Very good came out I thought the video was so strange but there was something so catchy about it that I have watched it so many times and love the song, along with Be the Light.

Ukiss (she's mine) I think I have on repeat and I have been stalking them for the past few days since they had their first US concert. They make me smile!! Kevin has been making me cry with him crying up on stage with it being his first US Tour!

The other new group that I am watching their videos because they make me laugh is BTS (Bantan Boys)I have watched the video making for Rise of Bangtan I don't know how many times. To many to count!

Got7 Debuts next week which has JB and JR of JJProject in it. So looking forward to seeing those two again YEAH!

Also Winner I didn't watch the competition between Team A or Team B because I didn't want to see one lose and lose their dreams it would crush me. But I have picked up watching WINNER TV. I love these guys and they haven't even debut yet. Each week I am dying of laughter they are all funny and cute.  Minho with episode 4 with the ducks I was laughing so hard I was crying.  And Jinwoo in some of the episodes the way he kept getting lost.  He seems like someone better keep an eye on him or he really will get lost.  He seems to be the most innocent in the group even though he is the eldest.  We will have to see once they debut if he still gets lost or everyone will have to make sure where he is at all times :)

I also like a few rookie groups that other's haven't liked, Topp Dogg and Alphabat. I just think their songs where catchy. I catch myself re-watching their videos. I like Alphabat Surprise Party better then their debut song but I still like their debut song. I am sure there are many others that I have to add but I will stop for now. The list keeps getting longer and longer. Between all of these groups having come backs and debuting and being on After School Club I have learned to like a lot more groups.

Speaking of groups I love I am so sad Led Apple have finished their weekly Music Notes they hit number 50. I loved their music notes. Then I was still looking forward to Hanbyul being on ASC but he is leaving, which is a good thing for Led Apple they are going on their world tour but sad for me since I won't be able to see Hanbyul every week. I am glad Led Apple is being recognized and having a World tour they are good.

Skip Beat volume 32 - After 32 volumes the only thing I can say is it still as good as volume 1. I just love this series. So many things are happening in it. Between Ren, Kyoko and even Sho. Can't wait for the next volume to come out.

Well that is all for now I think I have written way to much and overloaded everyone :) Will try to update more often inside of a huge one. LOL!
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