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Have I ever mentioned I am a big chicken!! CNBLUE is going to have a concert in NY on January 21st and I am to chicken to go by myself to NY. Smiling that most people are not afraid like I am. Heck these boys are coming all the way from Korea to the US and doing a tour so why can't I get the courage to just take a deep breath and try.

One the concert is on a Tuesday night so I would have to miss 2 days of work. one day to leave early enough to get to New York and then after the concert to get home. NY is a few hours from my house. Two I don't have any extra money anymore. I can barely put gas in my car to go back and forth to work. (But I do have Birthday money saved about enough for a ticket and maybe fare for the bus or train).

The tickets go on sale on Friday one of my friends is saying just go for it and the inner me is shaking at the thoughts of even trying. The strange thing is I went to Canada with my kids didn't have a problem with driving to another country so why is the thoughts of driving to NY terrifying to me. (I actually think getting on a bus or train is even more terrifying then me driving which makes no sense).

I really should be out Christmas shopping, or writing Christmas cards, or decorating and here I sit checking into trains and buses knowing full well I am not brave enough to try. Sigh why couldn't it of been in Philadelphia or Jersey they are closer and even though I don't like driving to Philadelphia or Jersey I am brave enough to do it if I have to.

Oh well I will be back later with updates on KPOP groups that I have come to really like, and some drama's that I have watched some of them where really good that I would like to add to my favorites list. Including one I am watching now Reply 1994.
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