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Well other then working nothing much going on.  My car needed to be inspected in September and cost way more then I expected for it to be fix and pass inspection.   I don't think my cars in the past have ever cost that much.  Hoping next year it won't be as bad.

I have still be watching kdramas, tdramas and Barefoot Friends.  I have put Love Now on hold for the moment.  I sometimes do this when I like a show but I am watching others that I enjoy more.  I will go back and finish it another time, but I started to watch another drama and wanted to finish it since I loved it.
Just You - Tdrama and I love this show.  It is so cute and I love the actors.  Aaron Yan and Guo Xue Fu are both so cute. Every time I watch an episode I go back and reply the parts I really liked.  I think the one week I watched the one scene like 5 times that night and then re-watched again the next night.

Heirs - KDrama this just started this week.  There was a lot of Hype for the show which I don't like when they do that to any show, because everyone then has big expectations.  But I am enjoying it.   It has such a big cast and of course it has Park Shin Hye,  Lee Min Ho, Woo Bin, Kang Min Hyuk (CNBLUE's Drummer love him!), Kang Ha Neul, Park Hyung Sik (from Ze:A), Jung Krystal (from FX) and many others in it.  The main issue I had the first two episodes was how the American actors where. Not sure if they are bad actors or they just talk that way because it is for Korean and they all talk Loud and slow.  Plus not sure of how the American's are being portrayed.  The 2nd episode wasn't as bad since there wasn't as many American actors.   Plus the first two episodes we where still meeting all of the characters.   By the end of the 2nd episode I was looking forward to what might happen next.

Good Doctor - LOVED THIS DRAMA!! It was amazing it had me crying for the most part, but then it would have part that made me laugh.  Especially there where more scenes that made me laugh in the later episodes.  But it would still pull at the heartstrings in each one.   I'm sad this drama is over.  Joo Won and the rest of the cast did an amazing job including all of the kids.   This drama is about Dr Park Shin On who has a type of autism and it covers some of his childhood and him as an adult trying to become a pediatric doctor and some of the things he has to overcome because of the way he talks and acts.

Kpop listening to a lot of different songs.   CNBLUE still love but now I have to add Beast, and MBLAQ to my favorites.  This week I am also adding Vixx and Teen Top.   I know it has to do with songs and personality.  Beast is amazing and I listen to their songs alot.  Mblaq I love their songs and I am on youtube watching there videos constantly of them.  Which lead me to liking Vixx.  Yes I had already brought one of their songs but seeing theminteract with MBLAQ I have come to like them.  Teen Top when Rocking came out I brought it immediately, and this past week have started to watch past shows of Weekly Idols with them in it.  They crack me up, I was laughing so hard at them.  I have been wondering if you really like someone's personality will you then end up liking their songs.  I know I have enjoyed songs in the past without liking the artist, but now I am wondering if I like the artist do I like their songs?   (I haven't listened to all of the songs from these groups but the one's that I have I enjoyed). There are other groups that I am looking into their music because of their personailties.   I know that some songs are not my style so maybe the answer will end up being I will check the song out because I like the artist and if I like it I will buy it.   (Off topic I love the Random dance segments on Weekly Idol, it makes me laugh no matter what group is doing it).   Not sure if I ever mentioned JJ Project they sang the song Bounce which I listen to all the time it makes me smile and cheers me up.  I think the two boys in the group are going to be coming out with more members.  Not sure if they change the name of the group or not since there will be more members.  I really like Bounce and I hope that when they come out again I like their new songs.  Just don't know when it will be.

Books, Manga and Anime
I am still in the middle of Crossed read a little last week.  Manga I read Butterfly Flowers vol 7 and enjoyed it,  and i read a yaoi called Living for tomorrow it was cute.  We are re-watching Big Windup the anime about baseball it is adorable and I love it!

That's all for now, next week Kdrama Future Choices (Marry him if you Dare)  starts with Yoon Eun Hye, Lee Dong Gun and Jung Yong hwa (CNBLUE).  Looking forward to seeing this.  Loved Yoon Eun Hye in coffee prince and enjoyed her other drama's.  You all know my love for Jung Yong Hwa his previous drama's and his singing.   Hoping this Kdrama is good, even if it isn't I know I will still enjoy it because of the actors/actress's.
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