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Nothing much really going on.  I was able to get my pc backup and working and in my room again.  Now I just have to download everything I saved on the other computer.  The few list I have and the bills that where paid etc, plus I still have to get my clothes from my daughters room and put them all away.   So things are coming along.

Kdrama - Tdrama

Most of the Korean Drama's I was watching ended.  Your the Best Lee Soon Shin just finished and I watched the last episode last night. it was really good.  Since it is 50 episode drama some episodes feel like nothing happened but it was a good drama.    I have started two Taiwanese drama.  Just You which I am enjoying, but it is only coming out once a week, and Love Now.  Funny how I keep finding shows where I find out the actors are part of a signing group or singer.  Didn't know George Hu from Love Now was from New York and that he sings and Aaron Yan from Just You is in a group called Fahrenheit.
As for Kpop I am getting deeper and deeper into the music and enjoying the different groups.  YES I am Still Obsessed with CNBLUE but now I have other groups that I really like.  B2st/Beast is one of them Yong Junhyung was in Monstar, so I started to check out their songs and I have come to really like their music.  This last album that they had Junhyung was a major part of the productions and the songs. I of course have brought the album and have listened to some of the songs pretty much on repeat! Some of the other groups I am starting to get into is Shinee, MBLAQ, VIXX, Shinhwa and JJ Project. Also BTOB was in Monstar with Junhyung as a group called Men In Black and I liked the songs.  They are coming out with a new album in a few weeks and so far I have liked what little I have heard.  So of course I was looking at their old songs and am enjoying them.  Why do I think I will become obsessed with BTOB like I am with Beast.

I can not forget to mention HENRY!! Henry is from Super Junior M but he is debuting Solo these past few months and I love his songs.  He makes me laugh he was born in Canada so he speaks English which helps sometimes.  I don't know if I have mentioned in my previous post about LedApple and Eric Nam.   When Eric came out with his solo in January I loved his voice he also speaks English since he was born in the US.  LedApple I found one of their songs in 7th Grade Civil Servant Drama I loved the song.   Then I started following LedApple.  I like some of their songs but they are doing a series of videos each week called Music Note where they cover other groups/people songs.   Hanbyul is an amazing singer (yes he also speaks English he was born in Australia).   Plus LedApple makes me laugh they are fun to watch. What I also like is Eric and Hanbyul do a show called After School Club where they interview Korean groups/singers and it is for the international fans.  So they are speaking in English and translating what the groups are saying.  Through their show I am starting to find out about other groups like Ukiss, ZE:A, Vixx, Bap, Exo, Girls Day,  Nine Muses, Ajax, Rainbow, Secret, and C-Clown.  I know I am missing some of the groups that have been on.  The other way I am finding more and more groups is by AllKpop when they show the MV of a group that is just coming out with a new song.  If I like the song I start looking into the group.   Also Drama's if I find out one of the actors/actress is from a group I will look them up and listen to some of the songs.

I am not saying anything about other KPOP groups only because I am still just getting into it. Even though I have been listening for almost a year I was mainly only listening to Kim Hyun Joong and CNBLUE.  So now I am listening to more music I am sure there are more groups I will like.

Once I get my lists loaded back up I will update what other drama's I have watched and maybe I will find the book I read.  I am in the middle of Crossed it is good so far :) Plus I have read three manga SKIP BEAT (still love this series)!! and vol 3 and 4 of Strobe Edge this is a cute series. So now that I have bored you with my Kpop update and a little about my Kdrama's, and T'drama's I will stop here.
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