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Happenings and K-drama's

It has been awhile since I posted. I  hope everyone enjoyed the Holidays!
With the holiday's I didn't have a lot going on.   Didn't read any books this past month but then again in December I usually don't get a chance because of getting ready for the holidays.   I haven't gotten my reading list together in a while so I can't even post the amount that I read last year.  Which wasn't even close to what I usually read.  Sad but I guess that what happens when you get another interest and are obsessed with it. 

So my obsession with Kdrama's is still on going :), and with the band CNBLUE (there is something about them that I just really like their music).  I have brought their albums through ITunes and listen to them everyday. 

Running Man
I will start out saying because of Jung Yong-hwa (Your Beautiful, Heartstrings and in the band CNBLUE) I started to watch the espisodes of the Korean Variety show Running Man because of him.   Running Man cracks me up.  I think each show I watched I end up with tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.  I really have to go back to the beginning and watch all of them

KDramas and T-drama
Still Obsessed with Heartstrings, so I have gone back and re-watched most of it skimming through the parts I didn't care if I show again.  I also got Coffee Prince for Christmas so I have re-watched the first 9 episodes.

KPop (Extreme Survival) - I really liked this show but the ending was rushed since they went from 16 episodes down to 14.  I would still recommend this drama just that the last episode is disappointing .  They should of let the series finished at 16 and it would of been up in my top KDrama's.  Not to say it wasn't good because it was.  Story about a girl pretending to be a guy,  to join a male idol group.

9 ends 2 outs - Enjoyed this series.  The only issue I had with it, I have to go back and re-watch it when I am not so tired.   If I was a little tired it would put me to sleep.  I think it was their voices because the tone seemed mellow so if I was a little drowsy I would be lulled to sleep.  Now when I was awake I couldn't wait to watch the next episode.  It was really good, plus I liked their friendship.  This story is about a guy and a girl that have been friends for 30 years and end up living under one roof.  It's a story about their friendship, and relationships. 

Fated to Love You - Tdrama I enjoyed this show.  I couldn't wait for the next one to be translated.   I always felt bad for our lead actress.  I wanted to hit the guy.  This story is about a girl that everyone takes advantage of.  They call her the sticky note girl because does everything for everyone, and they give her tons of stickies notes with what they want her to do, and she does it.  On a cruise she accidentally gets into the wrong room and sleeps with the wrong guy, which the guy in the room she lands in thinks she is his girlfriend.  Needless to say this was a mistake on both their parts.  This story then centers around what happens after this major mistake.

Currently watching
I Miss You - Love this cried the first few episodes the young actors where amazing
School 2013 - Love this I am sitting on the edge of my seat after each episode wondering where it is going to next
Sweet 18 - This is cute.

Just finished and Highly recommend!!  LOVED IT

SHUT UP FLOWER BOY BAND!! - This drama had everything in it.  It is more gritty then the other stories I have watched.  But the story centers around a group of friends that are a band called Eye-Candy.  It covers them trying to make it, rivalry with kids in school, relationships, and to me the most important thing about this show was their friendships and how it changes within the show.  Do they end up making their dreams come true and what really is their dreams.   That was what I thought was so amazing in the last episode it leaves you feeling good and wanting more!!!

Istarted full time in December I am no longer a contractor, and I will be going to first shift next week.  I have gotten used to being up all night and sleeping in the morning wondering how long it will take me to adjust to being first shift and traffic (UGH traffic not looking forward to that).  At 12:30 at night you really only have the deer to worry about and not other drivers. :)

So maybe my  next post could have a book or two, but mostly it will end up having more Kdramas :) Sorry!
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