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Thoughts and Return to Summer house,

I know I keep saying I am going to write up what I read but I haven't been in the best of moods so I don't think I could do any good review or give the books proper justice.

What has been happening guess in my life alot more then normal. First my car's are breaking down.  Okay one was sorta broken down I just didn't get it fixed.   I have a really old Grand Am that was my sisters and I got it inspected back in July I think.  I tried to drive it to work which is over an hour away (I know I have mentioned that before.   Anyway it stalled on the way home and kept wanting to stall the whole way home.  So I set it aside and was going to get it fixed.  But with everything going on with my job I forgot to make an appointment.  Then this past weekend my Jimmy started acting up.  The heater wasn't working (I know it is summer but it was chilly that night and I needed to defrost the windows).  Anyway the next day I saw the temperature was really high so I checked my enjine fluid.  Yep it was almost completely gone.   So I called to make an appointment for the Grand Am so it could get fixed since I didn't know what was wrong with that, and the Jimmy I am just putting fluid into to keep it going.  It is now Thursday and the guys at the shop sees what is happening with the Grand Am but they don't know why or how to fix it.  So I have been putting coolant in my car when I leave for work and before I come home from work.  Coolant isn't that cheap.

Also on Monday I had a phone interview for a job.  I was really nerveous and said the word LIKE way to many times.  I also screwed up and called the guy by he first name when I first said hello.  Major blunder.  But I guess I did okay he wants to set up an face to face interview.  Just not sure if I want to pursue this job for a few reasons.  But since I haven't been on an interview in 18 years I figure it doesn' t hurt to go and meet with him and see what the job is all about plus get my first on hand interview out of the way.  I also have a meeting with a recruiter next week he just wants to meet in person to see if he find anything.   So next week I am going to be busy, nerveous and out of my mind.  
So I am only go to write about one book at this moment since it is Romance and doesn't fall into the Young Adult or Manga area :)

Romance Novel - Return to Summerhouse by Jude Deveraux
First off let me tell you I love Jude Deveraux she is one of my favorite authors, and I loved the first book that she wrote called summerhouse.   SO I figured it was good.   I did enjoy this book it is about three women who are going to meet for the first time in a house per the conselors orders.  Each female has something in there past that they either want to forget, or can't forget, or they don't remember.   The story takes place of the three of them meeting in the house and trying to get a long.   One of the ladies meets a mysterious lady willing to grant them the capablities to go back to anytime and try and chane the past.   One of the ladies opts to go back in time of one of her husbands ancestors.  (Trying not to give anything away).   The book mainly is about the time the three women spend in the past.   I enjoyed reading about them going into the past.  But I thought the ending was kinda of rushed you found out what the other two went back for and how it turned out for them but the are telling each other the events over drinks it doesn't cover them actually going back in detail like the one lady.  I know then the book would be really long and it was such a good book I did enjoy it.  That would be my one complaint I wished I could of read more of their story when they went back.

Okay I hear my daughter bus pulling up.  I have to take her to the hairdresser, pick up my son from work then go get my hair cut so I don't look like an old Hag for my interview.  Be back this weekend with more reviews.  
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