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Happenings, K-drama's, and manga

Yep I am still obsessed with K-drama's and feel like I haven't slept in a week.  This has been the strangest longest week.  Mostly due to hurricane Sandy and not sleeping.

Hurricane Sandy

came the beginning of the week. At my house we where very fortunate the lights where flickering and ended up going out for only 10 minutes.  Then they came back on.  Then a tree came down in our backyard and the lights stabilized.   Luckily the tree only damaged the gas grill, and the only other damage we had was my son's PC motherboard blew when the power came back on.   So I look at it as very fortunate for us.  I had off work Monday because of the Hurricane then had to work the rest of the week.  My company was closed on Tuesday and Wednesday since there was still no power at the company but the computer room was running on generators so I had to go in since it was close.  This is the first Halloween that I missed my nieces being dressed up since I was working 2nd shift.  

Manga/Yaoi -

I was able to read some manga's at work Vol 3 of Nana and Oresma teacher enjoying both of these series.  Ai Ore vol 5 really liked. Wallflower volume 28 and Skip Beat vol 29.  (Love both of those series).  Also some Yaoi Scent of Apple Blossoms vol 2 and 3, and Close the next door vol 2.  It felt good to read some of my manga again :)  Hopefully some year I will get back to my reviews.  If not at least I listed the one's I read.

K-Drama, J-Drama, Taiwanese-Drama

The list has really gotten longer the last post I did was saying I was watching Protect the Boss which I loved.  Since then I have watched the following. 

We got married episodes 9-33 (this show cracks me up because I am mainly watching the lettuce couple)

Lovely Complex Japanese movie (I liked it)

Creating Destiny K-drama (In the beginning really liked it, got slower in some of the middle episode, liked the ending).  I have gone back and watched different episodes over the past few weeks.  I don't know it is just ccertain parts that I really liked or if it knowing the main characters started dating after this and got married.  

To Beautiful You k-drama (liked it)

Marmalade Boy T-Drama (this grew on me, at first I only watched the first two episodes then a few weeks later and started watching it again.  It went much faster then the K-drama since the episodes are shorter).

Lie to Me k-Drama (liked it)

Flower Boy Raymen Shop k-drama (liked it)

Personal Taste k-drama (loved this).  This one cracked me up with her thinking he was gay in the beginning.  This was also the first kdrama to bring tears to my eyes in one of the episodes.  Some I have felt sad but the one scene with her remembering her mom just something about it made me have tears in my eyes.

You’re Beautiful k-drama -(loved this drama).  It was the music and the characters.   This is what I watched the whole time the hurricane was going on, so pretty much I didn't even realize what all was happening I was so caught up in the show. :)

Heartstrings k-drama (really liked).  I watched this because of the two characters in You're Beautiful are also the main characters in this show.  The first two or three episodes I thought it is okay but it isn't as good as the last one.  But by the 6th or 7th episode I wanted to watch the rest of it.  Loved the music in it and really enjoyed watching it.  Of course now I am obsessed with both Park Shin-Hye and Jung Yong-hwa voices.  I have been out on youtube all night listening to CNBlue songs since that is the group Jung Young-Hwa is in.   He has such a pretty voice. 

Work update -

Everyone knows I started at the company and am working 2nd shift.  Since I started the other person that had started a few weeks before me was suppose to be 1st but she quit.  She didn't think she could do the work.   So they where looking to hire another employee. I asked my bosses if it was okay if I mentioned it to two of the guys I had been working with that  live up where I am working now and they where still contractors. They said I could.  So I called them up and told them about the opened position and the one put in his resume and was interviewed.  They officially gave him and offer. So since I had already been there I asked could I go first and they said yes.  The guy I used to work with knew he would be taking the 2nd shift position.  He doesn't mind since it is a full time job and only 8 miles from his house instead of an hour.  So I am hoping after he starts that I will be able to go to first shift in January.  He has to give two weeks notice then have some training on 1st before they will have him come to 2nd and train with me.   So this making me happy one I get to work with someone who I really liked working with and is a good worker, and I get to go to first shift :)

Well I guess everyone is tired after this long post, have to figure out what to watched next. Plus what to read.  Decisions, decisions.  (plus I am still figuring out what to post on the one community I haven't posted all week.  Which I apologize to the group about).  But it was busy with the hurricane, cleaning up after tree being down, and Halloween. Plus my grandfather landed in the hospital so we visited himt.   Just a lot going on. 
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