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Almighty Evan, A fish Called Wanda, Ferrius Bueller, French Kiss, Book Sensitive, Manga My week

Okay I am going to do my weekly post of what I have watched and read since the last post and other happenings.  I don't watch alot of tv about the only show I watch now is Dancing with the stars. (Yes I was shocked when Sabrina went off I thought she was the best).   So we rent movies, or watch Dvd's I have sitting around and Read.  

This past week has been crazy and very sad.  
I found out that one of my cousins has a tumor on his Pancrease and they can not operate on it at this time.  It is wrapped around a vessel if they try to operate he could bleed to death.  They are starting radiation next week after Thanksgiving but they are only giving him 1 to 2 years to live if it doesn't shrink.   I love this cousin even though the last time I saw him was about a year ago for his Mom Funeral.   Growning up as kids we where together every summer.  He was one year ahead of me in school.  As teenagers that is who I hung out with.  Went to movies, riding around, just hanging around.  Then when I got engaged we really didn't see each other as much.  When we both got married never saw each other. But when our kids got alittle older they went to the same place for gymnastics.  I always new what was up with him through my Aunt and my Mom.  Know since both my Mom and Aunt have passed away I still know what is going on through my Uncle and my Dad.   I am praying and hoping it shrinks.  I really don't want anything to happen to him. He is in his middle 40's and has a few step kids to take care of.  He has had a rough life with his first wife,  his mom being sick.  Financial problems.  This whole family  always seems to get the worst of things.  If something bad is going to happen it will be to one of them.  All of them have are very good people (not to say bad things should  happen to anyone's family).  It just makes me so sad and sometimes frustrated that bad things always happen to them.  (His sister died of Cancer in her late 30's,  the sister had two kids one of them died at 19, my aunt went in for surgery and had a stroke that left her paralyzed in one leg, one arm and hand, and her speech was never the same.  She just died last year.  My Uncle has had a Cancer and one of his kidney removed.  Now my cousin has cancer).  It just seem's too much for one family.   SO I will be praying and hoping for him to recover.  

Then my daughter has been out of school for 6 days being sick. 
It started last week and is still going on.  So it has been back and forth to the Doctors.   But I think she is finally on the road to recovery.  She has Asthma and they put her back on her Inhaler machine for a few days.  (which this is clearing up her lungs). Not to mention that I had changed my benefit plan at work and of course the idiots accidently dropped her so it has been stressful dealing with the doctors and pharmacy.  I just finally said I will pay cash and deal with the carrier next week.  (Since my child was sick I couldn't just say no I am not going to see the doctor now, or no I am not getting the medicine.  I just say Okay I'll pay it and deal with it all later).  Knowing me though I never will and it will be money out of my pocket.  Oops sorry for the rant.  Just Health insurance companies can sometimes be so frustratiing

Okay movies we watched. 

Evan Almighty I thought was cute.   I laughed at the birds following him and the sheep in the car. 
A fish Called Wanda (still on our Kevin Kline watching). This is good.  I always feel so bad for Ken. 
Ferrius Beuller Day off.  My daughter had never see it so we watch this.  I love Cameron.  (When he is laying in bed saying he is dying it always cracks me up.  And when he is on the phone pretending to be Mr. Peterson.  Since my daugher wasn't feeling good this week she kept saying call me Cameron.  
French Kiss (yes another Kevin Kline movie).  I love this movie.  I think it is so sweet how Kate gives up her nest egg for Luc.  The way Kevin Kline acts in this is great.
Remember the titans.  This was on TV last week.  I only got to see about half.  I missed the very begging and the end.  I am going to have to go and rent this movie it was really good.  I can understand why they showed it in schools.

No anime this week.  But I just brought Bleach 7 so we will be watching that sometime in the next few days

Finished Sensitive by Nina wright.  Loved this book. 

I finished Sensitive which was the second book after Homefree and I loved this book.  On the last page it has the word End.  I know it most likely is the last book but I would love to know what the verdict is with Cal, Easter and Andrew with the School.  (I try not to give out any spoilers).   In this books I still didn't like the mother how she was acting towards the daughter.  I thought she was selfish.  By the end of the book I could understand her mothers reasons for some of the way she acted by I still think she should of treated her daughter better.  I do know that in life some parents are like that they love there children, they just don't go about it the correct way cause there life's are screwed up. Some of the rules at the school I could understand why they had them.  But I think they could be a little bendable. I really enjoyed this series and would recommend it to anyone.  (I wish there was another one coming out).

Manga read a few this past week. New series Missile Happy,  and Kalala Princess. Also next volumes of other stories.  
Missile Happy this was cute and funny, I enjoyed it.   I can't believe the older sister actually lets the Mikako live with Rou. The older sister cracks me up with the way she treat Rou, always going to beat him up if he touches her sister (Mikako). 
Skip Beat Vol 9.  This series cracks me up.  I love Ren's expression and Kyoko she is always such a nutcase.  Little Hiro was cute.  Moko dealing with her family was funny.  I really enjoy this series.   You never know what Kyoko is going to do next.  Her little demon that float out are always funny and the other peoples reactions!
After School Nightmare Vol 5.  I love this series.  I think it is the fact you never know what is going to happen.  This one had some creepy things happen in it brother/sister.  But I do feel sorry for Mashiro (not sure what gender to be). It was weired in the beginning I felt bad for Sou how Mashiro was treating him.  Then by the end I felt bad how Sou was treating Mashiro.  I always feel bad for Kureha.  This is one of those series that it doesn't matter who the character gets with someone else will be hurt. 
Fruits Basket Vol 18.  I love this series!  I know I say that for alot of the stories but this is still one of my top (if not the top series) I love.  Everyone of the characters in this series I like.  I felt bad for Machi.  I like how Yuki is helping her out.  I loved the part where Yuki broke the chalk.  It showed how much he cares for her. The end had me almost in tears when Tohru says Don't Go.  (I will not give anything else away).  This volume had it's angst but also had many sweet parts Yuki/Machi, Kisa/Hiro, Hiro/Hinata, Haru/Rin, and Tohru/Kyo.
Gothic Sports Vol 2 This is a cute story.  I had to refresh my memory since it was a while since the first one came out.  I almost forgot what had happened.
Kilala Princess Vol 1.  This is a cute princess story.   I like how they have the Disney princess in this.  I got this for my nieces and read it before I give it to them to make sure it was okay for them to read.  Now I am going to give it to them tonight to read.  I think they will enjoy it since they love the Disney Princess and one of them even dressed as Snow White one year and that is the Princess that is in this volume.  I will have to check if there are other volumes if they like it.
BL  and Yaoi manga if you don't like that stuff don't read the rest.   (I like the stories and the art work in them)
Boy Princess Vol 8.  This is the next to the last volume.   I hope everything is okay between Nicole and Jed.  I'll start out saying I still enjoy this story but in this volume some of the characters looked like other ones so unless I was paying close attention I wasn't really sure if it was the mother, brother etc. They where starting to look alike.  Jed and Nicole I could tell who they where.  And the king looks different then everyone else. 
Let Dia Vol 8.  I love the artwork in this.  I don't know why.  When I first started to read this story I wasn't sure if I would like it, but the story just pulls you in.  I keep hoping everything will work out for Eunhyung for some reason she just makes me want to see her happy.  I know this is an angsty story but some for the things Naru says and does make's me smile.  I think Jaehee has a good heart and just wants everyone to get along.  Some of the scenes with him and Dai just make you smile or say what the heck is going on, or why is Dai doing that to him.  Dai is such a complex character sometimes I hate him, sometimes I think he is trying to be nice, the next minute you feel for him (whether it is sad, upset, angry, happy or what the heck are you doing and why?). That is what keeps me reading this.  I am never sure what Dai is going to do next or how it will turn out.  I always wonder how this series will turn out will it be angst or will some of them actually get to move on and feel okay about themselves, or things work out for them.  (sorry this story just pulls me in that I have alot to say about it, even though it has so many violent things happen in it). 
Constellations in my palm.  I liked this story, it was sweet.  Of course they had misunderstandings in it.

So that is is for this past week. The first part was reading, and watching movies.  The last part getting sad news and having to deal with it. On top of being sad add sick.  I have already started to read Tantalize (only one page done not to far along), Satisfaction Guranteed, and brought Bleach 7 to watch. SO that is it for now.  Going to check on my daugther hear her coughing again.  Plus I am not feeling so good either.  Change of season stinks. This time of year always cause these stupid colds. 

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