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Okay stupid subject I know.   I am not a very clever person. Well on the weekend of Halloween my daughter was suppose to have a party only one person showed up and another after midnight.  Now I don't like scary movies (I am a chicken and get scared) so we wanted to rent some not scary  ones.  

So we rented I married an axe murder,  Dogma, Rocky horror picture show and Fast times at ridgemont.  Well we all enjoyed I Married an Axe Murder this is a cute movie something good without being scary.   Dogma well I don't know if it is Halloween but it has sorta the devil, and angels in it.   The first time I ever watched this movie I didn't really like it.  I thought they where making fun of religion and how Ben and Matt acted in it.    Then I saw parts of it here and there and it has grown on me.  Now I sit down laugh at it and enjoy it.  The stuff that used to bother me doesn't anymore I looked at it as being just a movie and off course it has Silent Bob and Jay.  (Yes Mallrats, and clerks are part of my favorite movies I would list them as the odd movies I like).  I didn't watch the Rocky Horror Picture show they watched that later on the next day.  Yes I do like it but I don't have to watch it every Halloween.   We also got Fast times at Ridgemont High which I liked when I was younger.  I could remember I liked Sean Penn in it alot he was funny, but I forgot what the rest of it was like.  I was sitting there with my daughter and her friends wondering am I really let them watch this should I turn it off.  I think we where all embarrassed.   Then this past weekend we rented Practical Magic I really like this movie.  I think it has it's sad moments, moments that make you sorta jump, and  sweet moments.  Plus I love Adrian Quinn.  We also rented Soapdish  (looking for Kevin Kline movies to watch).  I forgot how funny this show was.   Sally Fields and Kevin Kline are great in the movie.  One of these days I have to buy this dvd.  (I think we will rent a fish called wanda next, we did try to fine fierce creature's but block buster and hollywood did not have it.)

Anime we watched this past weekend I finally got my hands on Kyo Kara Maoh season 2 volume 6.  I really like this show and was laughing at this anime.  

I love the Sheep! Gunther had me laughing in the one episode. Wolfram always has a few great lines that  crack me up.  If you like Kyo Kara Maoh I suggest getting this one before they no longer sell it.   Hopefully Season 2 Volume 7 will come out before Genron stops making them.   WE also watched Black Cat.  It was okay but it is not one of my favorites.  I am not sure if I will pick up volume 2 (Maybe it will get better).  That will be up to my daughter.  It was different from the manga.  (Which I really love). 

I finished the book HomeFree by Nina Wright.  I enjoyed this book.  I couldn't put it down the last two nights.  I had to finish reading it.  

The way it ended was good! Since I know there is a second book Sensitive I have to buy it and read it.  Some of the characters in the book I didn't like they way there where (Mother, Short Ron, Dustin, Amber, James Dean) but that is what makes a good book you really get into the characters.  One of my favorites in this book is Cal and believe it or not Roger.   I can't wait to see what happens next with Easter and her friends. 

Manga I just finished S.A. Special A it is a new Manga and I really enjoyed it :)

It had me laughing. I would recommend reading this manga.   The girl is always trying to beat the one guy she always comes in 2nd.  And she is so naive he likes her but she doesn't know it.   I think it is funny the way he always calls her number 2 just to get to her.  The other two new series was Zombie Loan I liked this but some of it I still don't understand so I can't wait for book 2 so it clears some of it up.  The one guy the way he acts also had me laughing.   Shinsou Kiss was another one that I just read the first book.  I did like it  but some of it has me confused with the doll making.  So this one I also have to wait until the next one to come out to figure out what is going on.   Then I read Love Com volume 3.  This one always makes me laugh.  I like the way Otani and Risa act together.  Especially at the end of it when she picks him up.  Can't wait for volume 4.   Also read Nosatsu Junkie Volume 3 this is cute.  I love the parts where  they think they are having heart problems, since their hearts are doing funny things when they are together.  Sorry if I am giving out any spoilers don't mean to.  

So as you can so no studying this week (I am just such a procrastinator). But I have found out that it looks like the July time frame is when they will move everyone off our system onto the new system.  So it  looks like July/August time frame for finding that new job.  So next week I have got to get cracking on studying no If's and's or but's.  This is trying to give myself the pep talk. Not sure if it is working.  So before next week going off to see what other manga I want to start and finish (skip beat! most definitely and Missile Happy). 

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