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Nervous at this moment

Okay I know I said I would be back later in the week the last time with book updates and manga updates, but I just haven't felt like typing them up.  (I know lazy of me) sorta.

I was busy filling out the back to school papers, running around, and then just being plain exhausted.  I think I am losing it.  My nerves are getting to me. I even went as far to yell at my poor boss on Wednesday.  Officially he was loud first and I just was loud back.   I think it has everything to do with it now being September and we haven't gotten a date when we are to be laid off.  Now the company is trying to be nice and see if they can put us in a different department until we find something or maybe find another position for us.  

I am going to sound like a wimp but I don't know if I can do that.  I get along with most everyone and I know there are employees others do not get along with.  Down in our department we are removed from all of that and I don't know with the way my nerves are right now if I want to be up in that environment.  I am starting to get testy which isn't good.

I finally did post my resume out on the website and applied for two positions, haven't heard anything back except for got your email if there is anything available we will get back to you.  But to me that at least means it went through without a problem.    Also got a call from a recruiter I'm meeting not next week but the following, now another recruiter called and said there maybe something available that he would like to send my resume to.   I haven't been out looking for a job in 18 years I have never used a recruiting company I know the basics about the companies but not alot.   I also have to go out and find something to wear.  I have gained so much weight the past few years that none of my dress clothes fit.   So needless to say I am not looking forward to trying on clothes that I need a huge size then they will be to long. For some reason they think big people are all tall.   Once in a while I can find Petite in the huge sizes but not often.  So the sleeves and pants will be to long.

So I figured I would sit down and write about how nervous I am at this moment hoping it will relief some of my stress.  I don't think it is working.  Later on this weekend I will write an update on the books I have read maybe that will get my mind of it.


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