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I just realized that I haven't posted in about 2 weeks, and my pile has grown. Even though this past week I hadn't read alot I only read one or two manga and no books. Every week I try to read one book but this week I got caught up doing something new. My Daughter was on the website Iscribble.net and she had me signup. I can not draw period, can't even do a straight line or a circle. But I've been on almost every night trying to draw and talking with her. She has one or two other friends that we go to a private room since I don't want others to see how bad I draw. It is funny when I get on everyone stops talking guess it's because I'm a parent. But as the week went on and I was reading one manga I realized I can do a little bit of chibi charactes. Not well but it looks better then nothing.

 I also finished my resume, it is just so hard to decide what to do. I am scared and afraid of change I always have been. I think it maybe easier when I finally am laid off and reality sets in that I have to find a job and get my act together. The other thing I have to stop spending so much money. This will kill me since I spend so much on books. I was going to cut down my spending and did fairly well until this weekend then it was like oh no it is next month and I am going to have to try and behave so I will spend alot now. (that isn't good thinking is it). I Laura at the book store I will have to try an intervention pretending I am trying to quit something and cut back slowly. Maybe I'll only buy 10 books next week :).
So I am done ranting for now about my being afraid of changes and spending habits I will write the manga I have read and later this week post books and other manga. (Of course some of the ones I read are volume ones luckily in this pile I have the next few so I can keep reading the series for a few volumes).

Manga Get Backers, Prince Of Tennis, The Wallflower, Reborn, and Tears of a Lamb

Get Backers vol 1 -If you didn't realize it yet by my icon and that I did post that I loved the anime, of course I figured when I read Get Backers the manga that I would love it and I do.  Of course it follows the anime pretty well.  The characters are draw alittle different then what I expected like in the anime but anime characters are always a little different then the manga.  Also the way Ginji talks reminds me more of street talk where in the anime he cracks me up he seems to whine and acts immature.   But I still loved  the manga.  I think one of the reason's I pushed off reading it is there are so many volumes that I have to buy just to get caught up.  If you don't know the story this is about Gingji and Ban who are a team of guys who get back things that are lost and stolen.  They both have special powers.  Ginji has electric waves going through him so he can shock you if he wants and shorts out things.  Ban has some of power that if he looks you in the eye he can make you see things happen like in a dream that really don't happen.  One of his lines after is Did you have a bad dream.  With that cocky smile :)

The Prince of Tennis vol 1 -This is another series I have seen tons of DJ's on this story but have never read it or watched it.  I figured I would enjoy it once I started.  I really enjoyed it.  I like the concept of playing tennis and it was fun to read.  Ryoma Echizen surprised me with his character he stays to himself but he is also cocky when it comes to playing tennis.  In this volume the are just introducing the characters and having them play each other to test who is going to be the star starters.  I am enjoying learning about each character.

The Wallflower vol 15 -  LOVE THIS SERIES.  In this volume Sunako dreassing up almost like a boy and goes out with friends (she normally would never do this).  Plus she meets up with the guy that regected her and is what lead her down the path to liking horror films and not caring about her appearance and not liking bright things.  Also in this volume we meet Yuki twin little brother and sisters. (they are so cute).  I am trying not to give any spoilers just what some of the stories are about.  I love Sunako and the guys :)

Reborn vol 6 -  Love this series also. All of the craziness in the series has made me come to love it and the characters in it.  It keeps getting wackier and wackier.  In this volume for some reason Bianca wants to marry Reborn and  there is even a wedding (you will have to read it to find out about it).  Also they go to an island that is for fun but Tsuna can not go on any of the rides until goes and tells them they have arrived and get clearance.  Of course not everything works easily for Tsuna. We also meet a new mob boss Naito and his family.  And all of the different girls Naito starts to date. (they are scary looking girls). 

Tears of a lamb vol 2 - I am enjoying this series.  In this one it is sports day at the school and it has the boys playing basketball and the girls playing softball.   It is centered around Kanzaki and his problem with playing basketball.  Will he be able to play or will he freeze up like normal.  Also we get to  meet Kanzaki two sisters in this they are cute and funny.   
Yaoi Novel A Provmis of Romance
A Promise of Romance - This is a Yaoi novel.  I enjoyed this novel.  It is about Edward who is an English Noble and he is suppose to marry someone by the time he reaches age 26 or he loses his inhertance.   Edward seems to not care about his inhertance at first on being matched up with anyone.  Until something happens and he decides he will go out and find his own bride.  He meets Satsuki a young male Japanese exchange student who is trying to become an actor.  Edward and Satsuki make a deal that Satsuki dresses as a girl and they get married only to divorce right after the wedding.   Do these two really get married, do they divorce will the be together.  You would have to read it if you like Yaoi novels to find out.
That is all for now.  Will be back later with the few books I read and more manga.  Going down to eat lunch and going out to enjoy the weather before summer is over :)


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Aug. 31st, 2008 05:50 pm (UTC)
lol i'm still reading breaking dawn, almost done though! then i can start other books.
Aug. 31st, 2008 08:34 pm (UTC)
I got through Breaking Dawn in two days, and I have read 3 others I just didn't post about them yet. They got buried on my table next to me. I keep a pile of the books I just read so I can post about them. I am weird I use Live journal almost as a diary of such. Hope you enjoy the end of Breaking Dawn. I really enjoyed the book. Some have not. I need to post about reading it but I wanted to wait at least a month to give others a chance to read it and not give any spoilers :)
Aug. 31st, 2008 11:10 pm (UTC)
i just now finished it and i did enjoy it. i dunno why people bi***ed about it.

i blog about my reads and have a list on a forum.
Sep. 1st, 2008 12:55 am (UTC)
Don't worry - I'll send Michelle on a errand right around the time you usually stop in. That'll help cut down on some of the temptation ;)

I cut way back this year, it was tough at first, but I realized I wasn't reading even a portion of what I had been buying.
Sep. 1st, 2008 01:56 am (UTC)
You don't have to send her on an errand I just have to use some will power which will be hard. It will be easier once I no longer have a job because I won't have any money. I think I have stocked up enough even if I read one book a day. I have about 100 books, 800 manga and maybe 100 to 200 romance novels. That should keep me reading for awhile. (Of course there is Christmas and my birthday that I could ask for money/borders card or give them my book list). You are right about cutting back. When I got home and tried to put the manga in the bins I have they wouldn't fit. And the other piles are starting to tip over LOL. I am starting to panic just thinking about cutting back, but I know there is a thing called the Library. I'm not sure if they have manga but I could always check a book out :)
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