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I know everyone watches a movie and tv show and when it is over sometimes you will discuss it with others, or find the sound track and listen to the songs you really like.  But at the moment I think I am obsessed.  It could be just because I finished watching the last episode at 4:00am and now all day all I have wanted to do was listen to the music.  Find which songs I want and see if I can get them.

Here is what happened I got an Ipad2 a few months ago and realized that crunchyroll has an App so I downloaded the App.  I was just going to see what anime was on it, and check it out.  Well I clicked on Drama to see what was there, and there is Korean Show called Boys Over Flowers.  It had 25 episodes.  Now this is a manga that I have been reading over the years and still had 4 volumes left to read.  I started watching the drama just to see what it looked like in the App and was hooked.  Over the last 3 days I watched all 25 episodes.  Stayed up way to late for going to work the next day, and was actually kinda happy that it wasn't nice on Sunday I sat most of the day just watching it.  Now today I am out trying to figure out the songs I like and get them, and looking on Youtube for Amv's of the show.  I really liked it.  I think the characters that they got where really good for the leads (Jandi/Tsukushi) and (Junpou/Tsukasa).  Some of the story of course is different then the manga but for the most alot of it follows the manga.   In the middle of my marathon yesterday I stopped and read volume 34 and 35 of Boys of Flowers Manga.  Now I need  to find Vol 36 which is around here somewhere.  I don't think I will be able to rest until I find it to see if the manga ends the way the show did.  

Of course while checking out the songs I realize two or three of the main characters are also in the bands that made the songs for the show.  So I was checking on them and realize Jihu is also the lead in another drama called Playful Kiss (which is Itazura Na Kiss) which I have read the first few volumes and watched the anime.  Now I am just trying to hold off on watching it since I think I will be obsessed and I do have to work for the next two weeks. Wondering if I can hold off until Aug 3rd when I am offically unemployed.  (I highly doubt it since I am curious how this series turns out).

So I am wondering how many others get obsessed when they watch a movie or show and can't stop thinking about it. (hoping I am not the only one) :)


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Jul. 17th, 2012 04:28 am (UTC)
OOOOOOH KDRAMA! Don't get me started haha. I weaned myself off the k-juice a year or two ago. Very addictive! Some of those series have really amazing music pairings, gotta agree... I have an eternal obsession with these two awesome kdramas: Coffee Prince and Soulmate.

I've watched lots and lots and lots haha and tend to stay loyal to a handful of actors/actresses I enjoy. Other than that, quirky kdramas catch my attention. After years of watching I can't handle series that get too melodramatic (those tend to drag too much urk). DX Other ones I enjoyed were Hyena, One Fine Day, Goong, Alone in Love, Snow Queen... I'm thinking about watching a newish romcom called Big, because it has actor Gong Yoo in it. A little afraid, it sounds like a remake of that one Tom Hanks movie by the same name!

Is Boys Over Flowers your first kdrama? You'll have to tell me if Playful Kiss is any good! I watched the Japanese live action, but I definitely think the anime was best for Itazura na Kiss. XD
Jul. 17th, 2012 09:01 pm (UTC)
Yep BOF was my first kdrama and I loved it. I haven't watched the anime of BOF and I know there is a Japanese Drama also for it. Contemplating if I should watch that one to compare them.

Wow I didn't know they had Goong will have to check that it out. So far the few people that I have read about Kdramas have had both Coffee Prince and Soulmate listed as up in the top 10. Not sure if I will start anything for two more weeks because I was really obsessed with it(Still am with the music and video clips). Thinking of getting a list together of what to watch first when I get unemployed. Will be able to stay up later too watch them without killing myself :)

Does this mean I will also have to wean myself off them in a year or two? :) A guy at work was telling me his younger sister is into it and he has a ton on his hard drive but said a lot of it wasn't subtitled. I will have to look for the subtitle because I feel like I am missing something if I don't know what they are saying. Even the songs they are so pretty but I would like to know the words. Just so I know what the song is about. So far the one's I downloaded I have found lyrics in English except one. It was bad enough I was trying to learn Japanese not sure if I can add Korean since I didn't get to far with Japanese. I am a very slow learner!
Jul. 21st, 2012 01:24 am (UTC)
Still obsessed with BOF? XD

Hmm I had to stop watching kdramas because my Korean started sounding very dramatic and cutesy. Even when I was taking about something stupid, like buying vegetables at the grocery. Pffft. Maybe you won't have the same problem. It was very obnoxious there for a while. DX DX DX Buuuut. Korean's much easier than Japanese imo. You should give it a shot when you feel like it! 아자 아자 파이팅!

Where do you download from anyway? I stream mostly. Go Drama Fever! /o/
Jul. 22nd, 2012 01:41 pm (UTC)
I had to use google translator to figure out what the last part was :) I am still obsessed with BOF but not as much the show, it is more of the one guy in the show. I did start Playful Kiss which I am enjoying. I don't think it is as good as BOF but I still like it a lot. But the reason I started it was because of the one actor. At first I just thought he was cute in the show but think I have developed a school girl crush on him. I am way to old to be having a school girl crush he is one year older then my son. But in my craze for BOF I started watching the videos of him in his band SS501, and I love his smile. Whenever he smiles it makes me smile, and my heart jumps a little. (that is why a say school girl crush). My daughter and sister think I am crazy!!!

I haven't downloaded anything but manga and one time I did download the anime Sensual Phrase but the quality isn't so good. (I got that from AArinfantasy). So far I watched BOF on Crunchyroll and found Playful Kiss on Hulu (I think the special episodes I will have to watch on Youtube). Since I am using the free sites and not paying the monthly fee for either there are commercials. Hulu is worst then crunchyroll for commercials. So I really appreciate the link you gave me. I was checking it out and so many Kdrama's. I am looking forward to watching them :)

LOL I will apologize if you get the email twice somehow I wasn't signed on since I typed it from my email and it came up saying it was screen and anonymous. So I deleted it and redid it :)

Edited at 2012-07-22 01:42 pm (UTC)
Jul. 17th, 2012 07:49 pm (UTC)
that happens to me all the time, but I guess I am just the type for it, I do not like to wait for the next episode, so most of the time I collect them all, and watch them in one go (nearly killed me when I did that with sailor moon, 200 episodes in one go with very little sleep, food, bath XD) so yes there are may crazy people out there XD and me is one of them ;-) rest asurred
Jul. 17th, 2012 09:03 pm (UTC)
I know it happens to me a lot when there is something I love, so it is really good to hear there are others like me that does the same thing :)

I was watching Bleach but got so far behind that I am not even sure what episode I stopped at. Would probably have to almost start from the beginning LOL.
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