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Happenings: Did I really just watch that

Okay I have a ton of books to post, but everything in my life seems to be very strange, so many people having problems and issues and they come to me (not that I mind) as someone to talk to.   So tonight I didn't really feel like doing anything, so I decided to watch a movie on netflix.  

Here is the thing I like musicals (I really do), and I saw a movie called Naked Boys Singing.  Yep you heard it right! NAKED BOYS SINGING.  Now I had never heard of this musical before so I decided to check it out.  Thinking it would be a musical about boys trying out to sing in a musical where they would end up being naked or something like that.  I never really thought they would be completely naked. I figured they would cover up their front with hats, and other things.  Nope I was wrong.  It is exactly like the title says Naked Boys Singing.  Yes some parts they have clothes on and take them off,  other parts they start out naked and put clothes on. It was very different then what I expected.  

I will say at first I was laughing really loud because I really couldn't believe I was watching it.  Then I just sat back and enjoyed.   I realized after awhile I wasn't really watching the naked part but their faces and their dancing. This is the first time I think I ever saw a guy in High Heels Naked.

Not sure if I I will tell others at work that I watched it but it was something that I didn't think I would ever see LOL!!

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