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I know here is another update of Manga.  Believe or not actually yesterday I did more then read.   We finally watched the ending of I Survived an Japanese Game Show.  We had taped it the last night it was on and hadn't gotten to watch it yet.  I will not give any spoilers of who won, but I really enjoyed the last few competitions.   It was making us laugh when they had to go out and create friends (as they put it).  Trying to people to help them do a task with the language barrier.  It must of been rough.   

We also sat down and watched Labyrinth.  My daughter was in the mood to watch it so we all sat down and enjoyed it.  I think my nieces where a little scared but they watched the whole thing.   I love David Bowie's voice, and they way he sings. 

So here is my update of Manga Hissing, Black Cat, Fairytail and Real Love

Hissing vol 4 -  I enjoy this story.  I waited for over a year from when Ice Kunion stopped and Yen Press picked these titles up and published them.  I am so happy that the wait is over.   Volume 3 ended on such a cliffhanger.   Now we are on ontol volume 4 and some of the cliffhanger has been answered but not all of it.   I still feel really bad for the way Da-Eh treats her younger brother.  If you haven't read this skip this next sentence (Spoiler).  I know she was locked in the room and couldn't make it the dinner her brother was going to, but she didn't apologize or anything.   I really like her younger brother.   (Okay Spoiler over).   Looking forward to the next volume to see what all is going to happen next. 

Black Cat Vol 13 -  I love Black cat and all of the characters in the book.  In this volume you learn more about Black Cat's past and why he left Chrono's and about his relationship with Saya.   I really liked Saya, she was a good influence on Train.   It also shows some of Creed obsession with Train.  Also at the end of the volume we seem to meet two new characters (I think they are sweepers).  Looing forward to the next book to see what happens with them. 

Fairytail vol 1 -  When I first picked this up and started reading it I was looking at the characters and started to laugh at how they are drawing the characters.  I can't actually call them Chibi's but the artist keeps changing their faces like huge eyes,  or puffed up faces, or scrunched faces it is really hard to explain but they are cracking me up.    This story is about Lucy who wants to join the Fairy Tail guild which is made up of power Wizards.  She meets one of the wizards Natsu and they end up having an encounter with some pirates.  Eventually Natsu takes her to Fairy Tail.   When they go in there is all sorts of mayhem happening.  I am already enjoying this series.  It is almost as crazy as the Reborn series.

Real Love (mature ages 18 +) -  I really liked this volume.  It is only one volume but it had a story that I enjoyed.  It is based on twins one is a boy and one is a girl.  The girl see's her exboyfriend and of course they start talking, and he wants to go out with her again.  The boy is dating a girl that he has never touched in all of the years he has dated her.    The boy twin doesn't want his sister to go back out with the ex-boyfriend.   There is actually a plot as to why the boy will not touch his girlfriend, and a plot to his siter and ex-boyfriend.   I even enjoyed the extra story at the end with the singer and the talent scout.  

Yaoi Manga Crushing Love, Love Control

Crushing Love - I liked this volume it is about a rich guy Kuroda and he ex lover asks for some money.  Kuroda is suppose to leave money on a bench that says "use freely" and if someone hands it into the police then Kuroda will give him the money.  If they spend it then Kuroda will not give him the money and will of taken his revenge on his Ex.  The first person to come along and take the money is Kaoru who takes the money he wants to pay back a loan to this guy for his old house.   He drags Kuroda to Kyoto where this guy is.  The guy makes Kaoru work at his club that night.   There is also a side story with this guy that owns the club and his childhood friend.  I thought both of these stories where sweet and enjoyable.

Love Control - I liked this story it is about Kei who is an interior designer who has a big ego, and about a client Takasi who is trying to get Kei to go out with him.   He ends up asking Kei to come over and re-design part's of his house.  Of course while he is there is trying to convince Kei to go out with him.  Kei thinks it is a game Takashi is playing so he plays along and tries to get Takashi to fall for him.  Both of them are trying to Control the situations.  Who will win or who will finally give in and admit how they actually feel. 

That is all for now.   I will be back later in the week since I have already read some more Manga and some books.   Heading outside to enjoy the weather on my last day of vacation :)


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