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Kyouhaku dogs, Inubaka, Click,Statisfaction Guaranteed, Love Attack, Endless Rain, Hot Steamy Glass

Okay this is now my last day of vacation.  The only thing I have been doing is running around getting my son ready for his  trip.  He left yesterday for Florida.   Then I got to read some manga (not alot like I was hoping) since I felt guilty for just reading so I actually got off my butt and did some cleaning.  Not alot but some.   Kids wash is almost done and put away only have all of mine to do.   How boring I know.  

I didn't even make it out to the pool all week.  But I am going to head there soon since I really don't have anything else happening today. 

Oh I did work on my resume I think it is okay to post it.  So tonight I have to figure out how to do that, and then have to really start job hunting.  

So here is list of some of the manga I have read over the past week or so .

Manga Kyouhaku Dogs, Inubaka, Click, Satisfaction guranteed, Love Attack
Kyouhaku Dogs vol 1 - This is  a new series that when I first started it I thought it was a very strange series.  But as I kept reading it was making me laugh with how the guy went from thinking she acts like a dog (and half the time she is drawn with dog ears) to him being the dog for her.   The girl in this is very klutzy and always falling and the guy in this is suppose to be tough and hates anime figurines (but he secretly loves them).   The girl accidently take his picutre with a figurine and holds it over his head to pretend to be her dog.  The faces that the guy was making in the was making me laugh.  

Inubaka vol 8 - This series is still so cute with all of the dogs in it.  In this one Suguri takes Lupin out for a walk and Lupin hear thunder.  He gets away since he is scared of the noise.  In this volume Suguri is looking for Lupin and Lupin is trying to find his way back home.  It centers around Lupin journey out and about and Suguri trying to find him.  

Click Vol 6 -  This series still makes me want to read more.   In this volume Jinhoo is starting to have feelings for Joonha but he thinks it is weard since he knows Joonha is a guy.  He even has a dream about him.  Jinhoo goes to a doctor to see if there is anything wrong with him.   Taehyun tells Joonha how he feels about him.   In this series anything is still up for grabs.  Who will end up with who.   Looking forward to reading the last to volumes to see how this all ends.

Statisfaction Guaranteed vol 6 -  I enjoy this series.  It is so good. in this volume for some reading the end up at an amusement park playing a mystery game.  The of course pick the highest level.  They need to have so many players.  So of course App and Mai joins them and then another guy joines them who happens to be a reporter.  They all get split up.  But while they are split up Kaori other personality appears.   Guess who finds out he other personality.    I love how Shima and Kaori care for each other.   They are true friends that look out for one another. 

Love Attack vol 2 -  I am enjoying this crazy series.  In this volume her Dad finds out she has a boyfriend and she has to bring him home for the Dad to approve.   Hirata bring Yusa home and the craziness begins.  he father was the legendary pro wrestler who starts to fight Yusa to see if he is good enough to date his daughter.  Needless to say alot of crazy things happen in this book.  The Dad at one point locks Hirata up and won't let her out.  Yusa has to figure out how to free her.

Yaoi Manga Endless Rain, Hot Steamy Glasses
Endless Rain - I liked this story. It is about a young man and his younger brother (who is blind) they live with their mother and she passes away.  They end up going to live with there father.  (There mom was a mistress to the father).  The man they send to come and get them is Hyougami and he seems to have is own plans against the family.  This story is about Akira trying to break free from his fathers influence and Hyougami advances.   

Hot Steamy Glasses - I really enjoyed this volume.  It has a couple different stories in it.  All having to do with someone wearing glasses.  This first story that goes one through most of the book is about the Presiden of a sucessful I.T. Company Takeo who is in love with Fumi every since High School.  He is forever telling Fumi how he feels.  Fumi is at first I think mean to Takeo but he does care for him as a friend.  Fumi younger brother plays a big part in setting Takeo and Fumi up on their first date.  Things progress from there.  I liked the fact that these two new each other for so long and where friends.  The relationship built up it did just happen.  It was sweet the way it turned out. 

Well that is all will be back later with more updates mainly manga since they are easy to read.  Going to head to the pool (I know the water is cold but, at least I could get in for a few minutes :)
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