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Manga Nephilim, Romance Papa, La Crda d Ono, Boys over flowers, Love is like a hurricane

So I ended up deciding just to stay home and take take the week off. So far what have a done not much. Mainly wash. I know how boring, did a little shopping for my daughter some tops to where at her temp job. Then today I helped my brother-in law out he took a wall down so we helped him through the cement into a dumpster. I know that sounds boring but I was having fun. Now all of my muscles hurt. LOL.

So my goal while on vacation was to read at least one manga a day, and then a book. So far I have read two manga a day an no book. But I am enjoying. Since I have so many manga that I have read over the past few weeks I am going to do the usualy few posts. So here goes

Manga Nelphilim, Romance Papa, La Corda D'Orno and Boys over Flowers. 
(yes I am behind in all volumes)
Nephilim vol 1 - This was a cute story. It is about a unique race of people that the gender changes at night. If someone sees their true gender then they are going to die soon. There is a soldier (Guy) that accidently sees this beautiful girl at night only to realize he is a boy during the day (Abel). Throughout most of the book it has Abel threatening to kill Guy. But for some reason he keeps following Guy. He is always telling him he will be the one to kill him. This story makes me laugh. To bad it is only 2 volume longs.

Romance Papa vol 1 - I also enjoyed this new series. It is about a girl who loses her mother and she is now going to stay with her Father that didn't know anything about her. He was only the sperm donor. This volume starts out with her meeting her dad and they start to get along. Sangbum is shocked is shocked to find out her boyfriend is dating someone else. (even though she is part of the reason he is dating someone else). Also there is another boy in this story that ends up liking her. I am enjoying this series and looking forward to seeing what else develops.

La Corda D Oro vol 7 - I still like this series. In this volume it seems that Kahoko might be turning her back on playing the violin. She doesn't think it is right that she is playing a magical violin. In part of the volume she is deciding wether she should quit and actually tells some of the members she is. Then at one point Lili tells her that the magic in the violin is wearing off. Not sure where this is leading will she learn to play a violin for real, will the majic stay long enough for the competition. Not sure but I am looking forward to finding ou.

Boys over Flowers vol 28 - In this volume it deals alot with Tsukusihi friend Yuki and Akira from from the F4 group. She finds out some information about Akira and a past friend who was a girl, so she is on a mission to find out what this girl was trying to have Akiro see one night when he was suppose to meet her and didn't show up. Also in this Tsukushi and Tsukasa are getting very serious. They are trying to hide from the guys watching them and get some alone time. They finally have some alone time and things are getting steamy when Tsukasa sister shows up. 

Yaoi Manga
Love is like a Hurricane vol 3 - In this volume poor Mizuki he is giving some "candy" by the student council vice president which actually is an aphrodisiac and since he took it he is sending out all of the hot pheromones where all of the guys in school are after him.  This is the one time that Azuma is not around.  Him running from all of the guys in school had me laughing.   

Well that is all for now.  SInce I am on vacation I am sure I will be posting the others I have read in the next few days.
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