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Books, movies and update

I am really bad at updating my journal.  In the meantime I have finished 2 manga series, read a few other manga,  Finished the book Stray, Demon Envy and Boys that bite.   And realized I do not remember how to study at all.  

Studying: I realize being out of school 25 years I do not remember how to study!.  Not that I was any good back in school but really now I can not retain anything. 
I am reading the A+ certification manuals and I can not retain anything I just read.  On most everything I have read I have made a note go back and study some more.   (I guess I have to make more of an attempt and try harder and spend more time on it).  The other issue I am having is while going through this manual you have to be by the computer to click on options and see what happens and memorize the paths.   Needless to say even though I am on the computer alot it not like I am always near it.  So while not by the computer I read other things instead of studying which is stupid of me I could be trying to tlearn all of the acronyms

Okay now I am going to get into the books I have read (instead of studying). 
Stray by Rachel VIncent:  This is a great book about werecats.  
When I was reading and she was describing the noises the werecats make I could actually imagine hearing them myself she describes it so well.  Faythe the main character in this book is great.  She is strong, but she seems to have a big mouth and doesn't know when to be quite.  But she knows she has a big mouth and it causes her trouble. There are a few guys in this series that she involved with and you can't help but wonder where the story leads with each of them.   I was so engrossed in this book I lost alot of sleep I couldn't put it down.   Now I am waiting for 2008 and Rogue to come out. 

Demon Envy by Erin Lynn:  I loved this book!  It was fun to read, it had me laughing.
Kenzie reminds me of the normal klutzie teenage girl.  This story had so many real teenage issue like learning to drive, dating, homecoming, siblings, and family.  I also love Levi the Demon he makes me laugh with the way he deals with Kenzie.   I can't wait for book two to come out call Demon.    

Boys that bite by Mari Mancusi:  I enjoyed this book. I like the twin aspect in this book. 
Two totally different personalities Sunny normal (good girl), Rayne goth (bad girl).   And I like the vampire Magnus.  I feel bad for him for the way Sunny sometimes treats him.   Some of the things the author references cracked me up like how she describes some of the characters of  who they resemble like  Dennis the menace,  Dracula, Gandalf.  So now I have to go and read the next to books in this series Stake That  and Girls that Growl.  

Manga: Tenshi Jai Nai and Bird Kiss Series complete.   
Tenshi Jai Nai: I love this series it is a great gender bender series anyone that reads Shoujo I would strongly recommend they read this series.  I am sad that is now completed.  
Hikaru doesn't want to stand out at all and she gets be a roommate with a big idol Izumi who is pretending to be a girl and he is really a guy.  This changes her life.  I don't like to give the story away but this series has everything funny, sweet,  jealousy, angsty,  romance, sometimes I wanted to smack some of the characters and tell them to leave Hikaru alone. But the story and artwork is great and I love both Hikaru and Izumi.  The way the series ended was perfect.    

Bird Kiss:  This was a cute series that is now completed.  I enjoyed this series.
At first I didn't like Miyoul especially the way she  treated poor Heerack (my favorite character).  By the end of the series I like Miyou she cracks me up and I just love Heerack.  This story has different twist to it that I didn't expect.  And I liked the last book how they wrapped everything up.     

Other manga that I have read
I read the first book of Fall in love like a comic. I really enjoyed this. Rena is something else.  She is funny I love her little chibi's,  how she is always melting and blushing.  I can't wait for the second book in this series.   Hana Kimi volume  20 I know this series is winding down and it will make me sad another great Gender Bender Shoujo series this is one of my top favorite series.  Vampire Knight volume 3 I just love this series.  I am not even sure why it could the vampire aspect , the angst or wanting to know who Yuki ends up with.  I just love the characters.  Vampire Doll volume 4 this series cracks me up.  Invisible Boy (yaoi) I enjoyed this one it almost made me cry but at the same time some of the characters where making me laugh.  Can't wait for volume 2.   Others read Yurara,  Cannon,  Inubaka,  Her majesty dog, the following are (yaoi) melted love,  Star, just my luck, and Freefall romance.  I know why yaoi I really like the stories, some books have such gorgeous artwork not just the guys but the background, landscapes etc.  

Well I am done bending your ear for now.  Better get back to work and studying.       
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