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Update my car and my job

Okay I am really bad with updating books, and even updating on what is happening with the car and my life :(

For my car the good thing is the kid came back the next day so his insurance company was dealing with everything.   I found out last Monday they are totaling my car so now I have to get a new (used) car.  I am only getting 3556.30 for my car.  Can't buy much with that.  So I started to look into getting a loan only to realize I don't have the money to make any payments.  Well maybe a small payment.  I had a loaner car for a week but once they got my title to my car, I had to give the loaner car back.  Luckily my sister is lending me her car.  Her husband works from home so he doesn't really need a car.   I really owe a lot to my sister.

I stumbled on a SUV (yes that is what I had and like to drive, the gas guzzlers) it is a 2001 Chevy Blazer.  (Which almost is exactly like my old SUV a GMC Jimmy).  This SUV only had 67500 miles on it and they where selling it for 7000.  Which means I would have to get a loan of some sort.  The only thing is I took it to my mechanic and he is saying it will need over 1500 dollars in work that would have to be done.   So unless the guy can come down (He said he would come down to 6000) I don't think I can get this car. :(

Then on top of finding a car we all found out that we have to re-apply at work for our positions.  Some positions are being eliminated,  some they will not need as many people.  So almost all employees in the IT department have to re-apply.  So we have to get our resume together and get interviewed.  The way this year is going I don't have a good feeling about this.  I stink at writing resume's (even though they just had a class), and I do even worse at interviews.   I'm sorry to be a downer at the moment.  Trying to think if there is anything good happening lately and not sure I can say there is.  Maybe if they do keep me I will get some kind of a raise and it will cover my little car payment I will have.  Or get another job if I get laid off that will cover the car payment.  That I guess would be the upside.  I really have to start concentrating to do my resume. It has to be turned in within the next 14 days. Sigh

At least my health is good except for this pesky side pain that comes and goes.  Which makes me walk all weird when I am having the pain.  I feel like I am falling apart at the seams.

I have recently read two really good books.  Shatter Me and Where She went.  Both young adult books.  I will have to post about them later.  Brain is on overload with car and work,

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