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Stupid drivers that don't stop!

I am so upset at the moment, I could cry. I know it is only a vehicle but is the only one I have and I love my car. Tonight I was watching American Idol. (I know some people don't like American Idol), and when it was over I heard a loud Bang. I was hoping it wasn't what I thought it was. So I went downstairs and my brother-in law is calling saying my car was just hit. I went running outside with the phone still in my hand and I saw the car up the street. I started to Yell "Get the Hell back here" as they started to speed away. Of course they didn't come back. Could it be because the crazy lady was yelling to get back here. So I called the police. They came out and took pictures and found a piece or two of the other car.

Now I have to call the claims adjuster tomorrow to see what I need to do. I am hoping my car can be fixed, but I am not sure. So now on top of worrying about my job I now have to worry about my car. If they can fix it or if it will be totaled and I will have to buy a new one which I can not afford.

I don't know what I am more of, sad, upset, or mad!

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