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Happenings rambling, book totals

I have decided I am the worst poster when it comes to posting about the books I have read.  
Never did finish 2009, 2010 and now 2011 has past.  Thankfully really haven't read anything so far in 2012 since we have been busy with the holiday's and taking down decorations.  It is sad when we have to do that.  Still have to finish the recroom decorations.  I am in the middle of a romance novel and hoping I will finish next week.  For some strange reason at Christmas I feel like I should be reading romance novel (I also feel this way in the summer).  I guess it is from me reading romance all of these years.  Plus I just don't feel right reading vampire books at Christmas Time.  

We still don't have any news at work about the re-org and it is praying on my mind. 
We are all joking around about being canned but we all really don't want to lose our jobs.  So we will just have to see in the next few months what happens.

Recently I had watched two anime's that I really love. 
First is a yaoi Sekaiichi Hatsukoi (World's Greatest First Love), which also has a manga.  I really like the characters.  Then the 2nd one because I was seeing so many DJ about them was Tiger and Bunny.  LOVED the anime it is so good.  If you haven't watched it yet recommend at least watching the first one to see what it is about.  I think you will get hooked just after the 1st episode :).

Now onto how many books I read last year vs previous years.  
I made my goal of one more then the previous year which makes me happy.  But since I didn't mark them all in goodreads I didn't get the challenge banner.  Maybe next year I will set a lower goal and make sure I update goodreads :)

2011 vs previous years

totals for each category (this doesn't include the scans that I read online from scanlation groups) only books I own.
Manga = 119, Yaoi manga = 31 Other (Mainly Young Adult) = 32, Yaoi Novels = 7, Romance = 3, M/M novel = 1.  

Total for 2011 = 193
Total for 2010 = 180
Total for 2009 = 100
Total for 2008 = 264

2008 I read the most but I think I did pretty good this past year.  It seems once December hits I don't do a lot of reading because of getting ready for the holidays.  

Okay that is all for now.  I promise in the next month or two (notice how I don't say days or weeks) I will post some more of the books I read in the past.  Just have to unbury 2009, then start to find 2010 :)  (I should just post 2011 since they are all surrounding me. :)
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