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Manga VB Rose, Love Com, Skip Beat, Love Circumstances, Kiss all the boys

Have you ever gotten sick of something happening over and over again. Well that is how I am beginning to feel about power outages.
Yes I know everyone has them once in awhile especially in the summer with all the storms. But this is getting nuts. Our houses on the block are the first to lose power, while the other house across the street very seldom lose power. Ther are about 10 houses affected so we are also the last to be fixed. We lost power Wednesday night, again Thursday, then Friday they turned it off to fix one of the house the power lines where down. Now again today. Luckily this last few times it has only been out for a few hours instead of days like it has. But it just getting tiresome to keep resetting the clocks and running lines for the generator. (I guess I can't complain at leaset we have power). But it is getting annoying.

Now that the power is back on and it is still raining I thought I would at least update some more of the manga that I have been reading.

Manga VB Rose, Love Com, Skip Beat 
VB Rose vol 1 -  Yes this a new series (we have had it for a few months just finally got to read it).  I really enjoyed this book.  It is about a girl whose older sister is going to get married and she is getting her wedding gown made by these two guys.  The girl is able to sew she makes her own purses, and sometimes clothes.  She is having a problem with her sister getting married.  For some reason she has to start helping the guys in the shop.  I like how her and the owner act together.   He is always kinda mean but does have  a nice heart.  The other guy is always trying to hug her.  (Great part the guy from I hate you more then anyone makes an appearance, bad thing since I have finished the series you kinda find out what happens. But that won't stop be from reading it)  Looking forward to reading volume 2 to see if the wedding goes on.   

Love Com  vol 6 - Still love this series.  The Otani is so cute and still like Risa.  In this volume it still going on about Risa liking Otani and he still doesn't get why.   She says she is going to not think about it anymore.  For some reason Otani gets ticket to the concert of the guy they both really like.  The day before Otani get sick and Risa visit's him.  He still tells Risa that he is not attracted to her.  But in his sickness it seems like he kisses her or was it a mistake.   Of course things move on with him not remembering since he was sick and Risa getting upset.  The last part of the book a new student teacher comes in,  he seems to be putting the moves on Risa but he really is just listening to her.  But it is making Otani upset.   Looking forward to the next volume to see what happens with this teacher,  Otani and Risa. 

Skip Beat vol 12 -  Ren is still having problems in this volume with his acting he can not figure out who how to play the character.   He is practing with Kyoko at his house where they are pretending to be in character.   I enjoyed it alot but it was strange how they talked alot of how the character would act, and try to feel while they where practicing.  Then you weren't sure if their real feelings where coming out if they where being the character.  But I still enjoyed it alot.  Ren actually almost kissed her (sorry if that is a spoiler) but since they didn't I guess it isn't.  The volume ends with Ren about to show the director and his boss how he is going to play the character.  I have to read the next book to find out if he was able to perform or if that is the end of his career. 

Yaoi Manga Love Circumstances, Kiss all the boys
Love Circumstances - I really enjoyed this volume.  It had a few different stories in it and I enjoyed all of them.  The first story is about two friends who finally start to date and Yamaguchi not figure why Takagari likes him.  The Takagari  is always trying to kiss him and be with him, but he  brushes him off since he doesn't understand why the guy likes him.  I love when Yamaguci goes to Takagari cousin to try and find out the anwsers.   Then there is another story about two class mates that meet up years later that end up together, and another story with a salesman and clerk at the store where he is always taking his product.   All of these stories where cute, and made me laugh.

Kiss all the boys vol 1 -  I loved this story.  It is about a guy that has a child but he didn't really raise him.  He was young at the time and the girl wanted to keep the baby but told him he didn't have to be responsible.  The girl has a brother that is best friends with this guy.  For some reason this guy Tetsuo is impotent.   He keeps trying to be with the ladies but it is not working.  He teenage son show up one day to stay with him for awhile.   He also meets the guy next door at a movie and things just seemed to happen.  He finds out his son is in love with another boy.  There are so many maybe pairs in this story.  Him and the friend, him and the guy next door, him and maybe the guy his son likes.   But he is not gay but for some reason when he gets drunk he comes on to the guy next door.   I am looking forward to the next volume to see what happens.  This volume made me laugh I really enjoyed it. 

I picked up Bleach's dvd vol 11 yesterday so I am sure to be watching that over the next few days :)
So that is all for now.  Still have other manga that I have read and some books that I will post later.   

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