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Well it has been a long week.   I am in count down mode for two things on August 1st.   Breaking Dawn the last book for Twilight comes out at Midnight, and  the other on that day is when they started the conversion onto the new computer systems.   I have very mixed emotions about everything.  Looking forward to Breaking Dawn, but not looking forward to the conversion. 
  To many things to happen.  Then once the conversion is over it is time to start checking for a new job. With the economy wacky and so many companies laying off I don't think it will be easy looking for a job.  Especially since I haven't done it in 18 years.   

Things I have done this past week.  Other then putting my new computer together still have one program causing me problems at boot up. 
It keeps coming up with message not sure how to get rid of it.  But other then that the computer is working good.  One or two things still having to figure out like my external drive if it is connected the pc will not boot up.  So I have to connect it afterwards.  Hopefully I will resolve these issues soon.

So here is the list of the manga that I have read over the past two weeks.  I still have more to type up.  Getting bad with that.  I also read two books that I will post on there own :)

Manga Bleach, My Heavenly Hockey Club, You're so Cool and Voices of Love
Bleach vol 23 - Still loving Bleach.   The new dvd comes out in this week can't wait.   I just love Ichigo and all of the gang.  I loved this volume this is where the soul society is coming down to protect Ichigo friends.  Only it seems that they are protecting the wrong ones.  Other friends seem to be the target that the Soul Society is not aware of.   I laughed out loud with the scenes with Orihime and the one Girl Captain trying to tickle her.  Actually there where a lot of different parts that made me laugh.  I enjoy this series so much.

My Heavenly Hocky Club vol 5 -  This is another of my favorite series.   These stories are funny that are in here.  One is about the gang going to visit an Inn where the Abominable snowman has been sighted.  At this Inn Hana meets up with an friend Daisuke who seems to have a major crush on her.  (of course she doesn't know it).  Izumi keeps telling her that Daisuke is trying to do strange things but she doesn't believe him.  There are two other stories in here that cracked me up one with a young girl trying to get Itoigawa to like her.  Then the other with Natsuki's father trying to take him away to go treasure hunting with him.  These also made me laugh.  If you want to read just a happy series that is crazy I would recomment this series.

You're So cool vol 1 -  Yes I have waiting for over a year for this series.  First I was waiting for it to come out through Ice Kunion.  Then I was so happy Yen Press picked it up and finally I got to read it.  Yes I really enjoyed it.  The girl in this made me laugh she is funny.   Nan-wo has a crush on the Seung-ha who everyone likes.  He is the top in his school for everything.  Him and Nan-wo start bumping into each other and he asks her out.  Of course Seung-ha is totally different that what everyone thinks.   Looking forward to the next volume to see what crazy thing's Nan-wo does next or does anyone else realize how Seung-ha really is. 

Voices of Love -  This is for ages 18+ (mature).  This book has a collection of short stories.  The first story is about the teacher that falls for the student who lives next door to her.   Then there is a story about a girl in an abusive relationship with a guy but her guy friend helps her out (who secretly cares for her). There are other in this.  I did like this book but some of the stories I really felt bad for the girls in them they way they where treated or acted.   

Yaoi Manga
Thirsty for Love - This book is centered around 3 guys that all love one girl.  She seems to be going out with all of them at once.  The one guy didn't realize this, the other guy doesn't seem to care, and the third guy pretends he doesn't know. Something happens to the girl and you see how these three end up relating to each other through, anger, loneliness,  common bond.

The First stage of Love - Love this whole book but then again she is one of my favorite yaoi authors.  The main story is about a guy that works at a bookstore who starts to like one of the clients that come to the store.  Thes guys are cute and made me laugh.  One of the stories is about a teacher that tells the student to quit smoking it is so cute. Another of the stories is about two friends that like each other the one thinks he is fat and loses weight,  he thinks the other guy likes him only because he is skinny.  For some reason he gains weight again and then tries to lose it again.  He was cracking me up while he was exercising.  

Well that is all for now.  Be back later with more manga and books update.   
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