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Manga Ultimate Venus, Reborn, Crimson Hero, Cold Sleep and Manic Love

Well as you can see from my last post I was having a rotten time with a virus (dealing with it for a week). At work we funally just reconfigured a new pc for me with XP. So now if I have any issues I can just restore back.

In the meantime things I have been doing not much other then fighting with a virus. Reading some manga, and books. But my daughter is getting me hooked on some Japenese game shows on G4 channel. They are fun to watch. You have to read the subtitles but still they are good.

Manga Ultimate Venus, Reborn, Crimson Hero
Ultmiate Venus vol 1 - This is a new series from Go comi of the created of Tenshi Ja Nai. If you loved Tenshi Ja Nai you will also love this. This is a story about a girl whose Mom passed away and she didn't know she had anyone left in her family. Out of the blue her Grandmother shows up who looks young and is rich. She tells her she is going to be in the running to be the heir. Of course this girl is a Klutz and is used to simple things. It seems most of her Grandmother's staff is all young men. One of these young men is assigned to helping her become more refined. I am looking forward to reading more of this story the guy assigned to her I can't figure out.

Reborn vol 4 and vol 5 - This series cracks me up. There is no other word for it. Total mayhem. I accidently read book 5 before book 4 and with this series you can almost do that other then the fact you meet new characters. When I started 5 I was thinking who is this guy Dino where did he come from. Then I realized I skipped a volume (It was buried under other books). Anyway in vol 4 and vol 5 they have introduced a new character Dino who is making me laugh. He is such a tough guy in front of his gang but when they are not around he is such a klutz and can't do anything. There where just so many funny events in both of these volumes. Reborn being a teacher, Lambo getting screwed up between being adult Lambo and child Lambo, the snowball fight, the zoo adventure. If you are looking for something fun to read with lots of explosive's, fighting, humor, and never knowing what reborn is up to next this is the series for you.

Crimson Hero vol 8 - I forgot how much I enjoy this series until I start reading the next volume. In this volume Nobara is going of to play volleyball with Central Sokai Univercity which is a college team, so she can train harder. The problem is they do not except her and the guy who she is suppose to meet hasn't play on the team in awhile. She finds the guy and he has his own team of players of working guys that just play beach volleyball and have fun. They start to train Nobara on the beach.

Yaoi Manga Manic Love and Cold Sleep Novel 
Manic Love - I enjoyed this whole book. This volume is about Maki a student who has two teachers he cares for. One from a distance and the other his new math teacher that he becomes intimate with. What the background story is these two teachers actually had gone out and cared for each other years ago but they had split apart. This story shows how the things develop for all of them.

Cold Sleep - I enjoyed this novel it is about Takashisa who was in a car accident and when he wakes up he doesn't remember anything. Fujishima is a gentleman that takes him in. He tells Takashisa that they where friends. This story is about Takashisa trying to get his memory about, the mystery of who he is and who Fujishima actually is. The changes he goes through.

Tv shows(G4)Ninja Warrior, Unbeatable Banzuke, and (abc) I survived a Japense game show 

Ninja Warrior is about each person going through an obstacle course in a certain about of time to move onto the next level. They have to jump over water, roll on logs, swing on vines, run over moving things climb walls etc. the course changes a little each time. There are different stages, if they pass level one then the move on up, to compete later in the other levels. Some of them have tried previous years and haven't made it. It is fun watching to see if they make it through the course.

Unbeatable Banzuke this show they may show two or three different events that they have chosen then contenstants go through the course to get to the end and add their names to the list of people who have one. So far I have seen the had bicycle's where they go on this little ramps, up stairs, across barrels, over blocks. Also other events have been unicycles, pogosticks, walking on your hands, holding a pole in your hand, and some others these have all been fun to watch. Each one has a different course they have to go threw to get to the end.

I Survived a Japanse game show I missed the first episode or two, but I watched it last week and it made me laugh. The japanse audience cracks me up with there responses. I haven't watched it yet this week but I did tape it. American's have gone over to Japan and are on a game show where they are competing against each other until there is one winner. They have to do different things against each other. Which team loses then two players play against each other and the one that loses goes home.

Well that is all for now. Be back later with more manga updates. 
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