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Have I told anyone I hate virus's.

I am only ranting so everyone can ignore this.  But I have to get my frustration out someway. 
On Friday night while working on my pc, and trying to post to Livejournal, and checking google for my Yahoo account, my symantec software came up with a window virus found, and it quartined it.  GOOD Stop the stupid thing.  But the bad part it was already trying to download some software and saying it has virus this will clean it up.  Yeah right this only adds more junk to the pc.

So I ended the process.  To late damage is done.  Spent about 4 hours Friday night running spybot, adware, symantec in regular, mode safe mode etc.  Yes it found one or two of the virus's but if you went the internet to do any searches it didn't work, then it would kick in and anitvirus software's came popping up along with a ton of advertisements.  Stupid virus.

So I spent a few hours with the machine deleting out any files generated friday night by doing a search on files created Friday and deleteing them. Then I went into the regedit file and deleted others.  But one was still giving me a hard time deleting it.  Which I still think is the problem.  Another person I know recommended a free software program.  I downloaded it and yes it got the one I couldn't delete.  My pc was almost back to normal.  Only one or two advertisement still showing up.  Which is I think because of some virtomonde something or other.  So since it is my work pc I took it to work. 

Now mind you I have spent hours all weekend trying to clean it up.   Gave it to my pc gentlemen who said he would look at it.  Well as it got close to time for me to leave he hadn't looked at it.  So he spent 10 minutes, on it.  What did he do delete the software I put on it because he says it is no good (never mind the fact that it had cleaned up the one file I couldn't not delete), then he removed Spybot and said I had an old verson.  Put it back on and told me to run it through again tonight.

Needless to say in a nutsell that the stupid virus is back.  Oh the internet is at least working where it wasn't when I first started to clean it up.  But adveristment's are coming up, the dll that I denied access to when spybot found it is now in my registry file.  Plus giving me a run error that it can not be found.  Plus when I go to the internet and try to search the stupid virus protection things are popping up again.

So I am not very happy with anyone that creates virus's, worms etc for the computer.  Yes you may of gotten some fun from it.  Maybe even you got to boost about it, or was able to get a job out of it.  But as a person that knows a little about computer it is very frustrating, and has now wreck hours out of my weekend, and I am still battling it.

Okay I am done my rant about stupid virus's and my computer.  I do feel a little better.  Now I am getting frustrated by typing on a laptop where everytime I think I am hitting capslock or tab I land on a previse line and have wiped the line out.  I give up!

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