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So tonight I was going to make a post on my normal computer and what happens the stupid thing gets I virus in the middle of posting. While I was in Live Journal I had brought up google. I wasn't in anything. I hate that when that happens. Something starts running saying it will clear up your computer instead you try to end it since you know it is only a stupid virus.

So now I am borrowing my work laptop while cleaning up my pc.

I  am going to write about about a few of the manga. As I said I have read more then usual so I don't want to bore anyone so I will write some here and there. 

Manga read Anima, Star Project Chiro, Dorothy of Oz and Short Sunzen
Anima vol 6 - I know I am a few behind.  I know I have said this before but I love this series it is so cute.  The characters are all cute in this.  In this volume we learn more about Senri.  Like his Father and what happened to him as a child.   I like Senri he is so quiet but so cute.   At one point he gets amnesia and doesn't remember the other Anima characters.  It is so cute how they stick by him.   We also learn more about his Anima.  I have said it before if you want a cute series to read, and sometimes make you laugh.  I would try this series out.

Star Project Chiro Volume 2 - This is the same mangaka of Bring it on which I love.  So I figured I would like this series also.  Which I do.   The Characters in this make me laugh.  In this volume Eun-Yo has to tell the boy that she likes that she is not interested in him.   Which this hurts him.  (He is so cute, I didn't like he when that happened).  Anyway she is  suppose to be going away to be trained for pop stardom.  So she goes to Nan-Lee place and she starts to be trained.  They have her doing excercise's dancing, singing.  The trainer he was cracking me up.   The faces she makes and the way she acts, I enjoy it.  So if you are looking for a funny manga, that seems to have romance, and is funny I would check this series out.

Dorothy of Oz  volume 1 - This is not your normal Dorothy of Oz.  There is so many strange things that happen in this series.  Dorothy seems to have some powers that she can use when she changes, along with the Tin Man, Scarecrow, and the cowardly lion.  There seems to be a lot of fighting in this story, with swords, magic, guns, things blowing up and creepy characters after them.  I did enjoy this I didn't know what to expect next with everything blowing up and everthing.  If you are looking for something different then your Dorothy of Oz I would check this one out.

Short Sunzen volume 1- I read a review somewhere that someone didn't like the art or the story.  I have to disagree withem. The characters have the normal manga eyes exccept the boy in this sometimes he eyes reminde me of cats eyes when he becomes surprised at something she is doing.  This story is about Satsuki who seems to like to fight.,  She is so caught up in fighting people that she doesn't realize that one of her classmates likes her.  I really enjoyed this volume.  I am looking forward to reading the next one to see what happens next.  This story made me laugh alot.

So there you have it 4 different kinds of manga and if you couldn't tell I must of been in the mood for comedy.

TV Ghost Hunt
My Daugher has gotten into the show Ghost Hunt.  I know she has been watching different episodes.  Tonight we found some of the episodes online and we watched 4 of them.  They where suppose to be the top 4 that had the most finds in them.  This show is intereresting.  They go to different places to check out sightings or any strange activity.  What they try to do is prove that there really isn't any ghost .  In the 4 episodes we watched tonight each one of them they said there must be something going on in them since things showed up that the couldn't explain.  I was enjoying watching these shows.

I will be back later with more updates with manga I have read.  Going off to fight with my computer.

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