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bored what to read next?

Just finished Midnight Alley I really like this series.   Now I can't wait for the next one but I don't know when it is coming out.   I don't like to give stories away but I wanted to smack Shane in this one about half way through he just doesn't think and it causes problems.  And Claire the main Character she is always getting into some kind of mess.   It had one or two things that I really didn't expect to happen especially the end.  But this is one of the series that once I pick the book up I can't put it down since I can't wait to find out what happens next.

Also I found out this week one of the anime I was watching Kyo Kara Myou the company that is distributing it here in the US is no longer going to be distrubiting it.  I don't know all of the details.  But I have been waiting for Seaon 2 volume 6 since the middle of September when it was coming out.   Hopefully another company will pick it up and continue it.  I hope.  It has happened  to some of the manga I read, and I really don't like it when I don't know how something should end.  Even when it happens to a TV series I wish they would just do a few more shows to wrap everything up.  I know when I am reading a really good  book and it is a series and you have to wait for the next one I I can do that since I know it will come out eventually and it give you something to look forward to. But it is the stuff that stops and never finishes that I don't like.   

Well as you can see I haven't started to study yet.  But since we won't get any word until November if the deal goes through I figure I still have time even after the deal goes through.  I always put off the important things.  But as you can see I did read a book which makes me happy.    

I did check the internet for jobs for a few hours on Sunday and worked on my resume but if I was hiring someone and saw my resume it wouldn't jump out at me and make me want to call them in for an interview.  So I really have to work on it and make it look better.     

So this is my goal over the next few days work (of course can't get away from that), read a few manga I got last week Bleach 21, Platinum Garden,  Let Dai,  Pearl Pink ,  start either Stray or Betrayed still not sure,  Start studing for my test at least get an hour or two in Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  Work on resume!.  I think that should fill the next few days.                                        
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