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Manga Absolute boyfriend, Basara, Night of the beasts, Cipher, Heaven and Ultra Cute

I had said a couple weeks ago that I was reading more Manga.  Some of these I had read while before I was reading The Host and just hadn't typed them up.

If you haven't guessed already the series listed above are all complete now.  The series has ended.  Some of them I had two volumes to read to finish them up.  But I felt it was about time I finished something and remove the series from my book shelf to make room for others.  (poor bleach has been hanging around in bags for months).   I was trying not to put any series away but we have just run out of room on the shelves.  So I am going to pack up some of the series that are complete so we can put the one's that are running on the shelf.  No this does not mean I am getting rid of them.  Just putting them in bins down in the cross space.  So if we want them we just have to go find the bins. 

So here are the manga series that I just finished. Absolute Boyfriend, Basara, Night of the beasts, Cipher, Heaven and Ultra Cute.

Absolute Boyfriend Vol 6 -  I am sad to see this one end.  I was choked up at the end.  I think I actually had a tear or two in my eyes.   I am not sure if I liked the ending or not.   I will not give it away in case you haven't read it.   Let's just say at one point I felt bad for each one of them.  At the end of the volume there where two extra side stories that I really enjoyed. 

Basara vol 26 and 27 -  Basara actually ended in a volume before these.  These two volumes where centered around the other characters how some of them meet,  how some of them are doing now.  It also had a little of how Sarasa and Shuri are doing in the future.   They even had a story about the great grandparents.   I enjoyed reading these stories.  Some of them where really cute and made me laugh,  others where sad.   I enjoyed this series.  I hope if you read it you do to.

Night of the Beasts vol 5 and 6 - This is one of those stranger manga's that I did enjoy.  Some of the time I wasn't really sure what was going on.  The artwork is amazing.  I liked the way it ended.  I wasn't sure how they where going to end it.  Some parts where gory.   In each of the books they had an extra I really enjoyed the one where they moved into the house with the little extra with the land god.  He was cracking me up.  It was good to read something with a little humor after all of the dark story. 

Cipher vol 10 and 11 - This series was different.  I liked how each of the guys was finding their own way without the other, and learned to stand on their own feet.  I like Hal being in New York he was funny.  The thing with this series that always made me laugh was the artist comments.  This series I think was in the 80's so the Thompson twins get referenced a lot.  Even at one point Madonna is brought up.  Since I graduated in the eighties it makes me laugh at some of the things they talk about.

Heaven vol 3 - I was sorry to see this one end so soon.  I enjoyed it!  I really did like this series and I enjoyed the ending  but I kinda was hoping for a different outcome.  (trying not to give anything away).  The end was good the way it was I was just hoping she was with the other guy.  (See now you don't know which guy) I don't think I gave anything away.   All 3 of them made me laugh Rinne with here obsession with how cute Keiju is,  Uzaki in both monkey form and his form trying to beat everyone up and being the tough guy, and Keiju just for being Keiju he blushes alot in this one and makes some very funny faces.  If you want a fun read this is one to pickup it is only 3 volumes and it does make you laugh.

Ultra Cute vol 9 -  I enjoyed this series.  At some parts I was upset with Tamon for some of the things he did to Ami.  Then at one point I was upset with the way Ami was acting.   Noa and Tomohiro are really good friends to them.  They are there when they need them and try to point them in the right directions.  The ending made me laugh.

So that is all for the finished series at this moment.   I know I have some others that are about to end that I have finished.  Like Hana-Kimi.  I think I am just holding out since I never wanted to see it end.   But I will be back later with an update for more manga that I read.  Yes I seemed to of read even more,  plus a post for Feast of fools.  

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