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Yeah Funimation!

Okay Anime expo is going on so there has been some exciting news from the Publisher's of Manga, Yaoi and Anime.

I am so happy today. I found out Funimation is going to be picking up some of the Geneon titles which I am excited since they are going to continue with Kyo Kara Maoh. I also found out they are going to be picking up some of the ADV anime which has The Wallflower. This has made my day.

Also they finally announced the cast of Ouran Host Club and that it will be released in October as a box set with the first 13 episode. Then later on they said the second box set will be released in January. I better start saving my money now LOL.

You can go to Animenewsnetwork website to find out the details of all of the different Anime they are picking up.

I keep checking "Animenewsnetwork" and also "A geek by an other Name" website for all of the updates.  
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