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Borders! Sad!!!

I know I was suppose to do a book update but I am so sad at the moment.  One of my favorite bookstores is closing.

I thought Borders was having bidders but it looks like they are going to liquadate.   I am so sad.  Mainly because I have come to think of the people at the bookstore that I go to as my friends and I am so sad they are going to be losing their jobs.  I know I will still be able to keep in contact with them on Facebook and maybe livejournal, but it is not that same as going in and talking to them and seeing them. 

My heart goes out to my friends at Borders and all of the other workers I am hoping even though this economy stinks that you will all be able to find jobs and will be okay.

I am also sad that we are losing another bookstore chain.  Other then B&N there isn't any other bookstores around here.  I think it is the same in many other cities.  All of the bookstores seem to be going away.

I will miss Borders and seeing my special friends at the Exton Borders!!!
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