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I know this sounds strange but have you  been in a cranky/bad mood for days and then something happens and you think maybe you had a slight feeling that something was going on and maybe that is why you have been in a bad mood?  Well I have been in a cranky/bad mood for the past week or maybe two (it could of been longer but I know it was last week and this week).  I have been sort of oblivious to everything around me (thinking maybe I was just to tired and that was why I was in a cranky/bad mood).  Since I haven't been paying much attention to things around me it came as a shock to me to find out my company will find out in a month if they have been approved for a joint venture.  Now once in awhile a joint venture could be a good thing except if the company you are joining has connections with a bigger company and pretty much has it's own data center (which is the field I am in).   Until all of the paper work is done and approved I will have to wait and find out what is going to happen.  But being the insightful person I am (no longer in my own world) I figure it is only a matter of months before I have to look for a new job.  So the rest of the afternoon I have spent worrying over so many different things.  My mind just keeps racing around when the deal could fall through and there is no change,  they could change there minds about the data center etc... About the only thing that was really good these past two weeks is I read 2 really good books that made me laugh.  Good Ghouls do and The Tree Sheperd's daughter.   But since I think I am going to be needing to get another job next year I think reading books maybe put on the back burner while I study the  A+ manuals to take the test so I have a slight chance at some kind of job in my field.   (I hate to study and I hate test.  I was never good at them in school and that was 25 years ago).   So now I will have to do a balance act of studying, and working. Hopefully I will be able to fit in reading since that is what makes me happy, and I think over the next few months I will need something to make me happy!    

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